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How do you take back of the seat off?


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Hey guys,

i need to take the back cover of the seat but dont know how.

i know there's two screws on the bottom but once i've unscrewed them, the back still won't come off.

i assume you need to unclip it but i'm afraid of yanking it too hard that it'll end up breaking somethings. any tips or hints on this ppl?

thanks heaps!

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There are actually 4 bolts along the lower section which hold the rear part on. Once you remove this, things will now get slightly more difficult.

Usually on most cars, the rear section of the seats just hook on at the top at three points. Well... the Aurion does the same, but whoever designed it also thought of making the hooks clip in. This will mean that once all 4 bolts are removed, you will need to push up from the bottom with quite a bit of force.

And for future reference as well, for those that need it, you can find instructions on how to remove the seats here:


Just follow it from page 'SE-74' (page 80 as per the PDF numbering) onwards. This doesn't help much for the rear part of the seat, but people tend to get stuck with the lower part.

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