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Reverse Lights not working


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On the weekend I was reversing and saw the rear of my car reflected in a shop window and noticed that both reverse lights were now working.

I have checked both globes and both looked ok , I don't have any equiptment to test them though.

I checked the manual and it seemed to indicate that the fuse that covers the reverse lights also covers a few other things , all of which seem to be working fine. (Unless this is where I am going wrong)

My car is a 1996 Camry 4cyl that should be upgraded in a year or two.

Any thoughts , ideas ?

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I took it to an electrical mechanic near work ; apparently its a switch in the engine bay that is activated by gear changes (into reverese) or something like that.

Cost of a new one from Toyota (even though they are out of stock) , over $300 .... FARK !

Cost of one from the wreckers, $90 plus labour. :huh:

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