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Exhaust Mod For 07' ZRE Corolla Hatchback

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Hey guys,

Im finally getting enough money and time to start modifying my

07 ZRE Corolla Hatchback.

I have invested in some nice looking rims


I will soon look at lowering the car, before I do, I'm gonna need some advice on what brands and what issues this is going to cause on performance and handling.

Ok. Back on topic. I am looking to get an exhaust Modification.

I want to increase performance while keeping a nice exhaust tone.

Does the TRD exhaust for celica fit on the corolla?

LET ME KNOW!!!!??????


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Hey Branno


that's the link of the performance muffler for the corolla under "Auris"

other look into dutchie101 members thread he's done an exhuast upgrade


as for lowering springs there's a couple out there,

Lovells, King Springs, Pedders, Eibach and a couple more i think just really depends on what spring rates your after i guess as a couple of em do vary.

im running Lovells Stage one springs on mine and im really happy with the drop in the front end but still sitting abit high in the rear, im looking either into a stage 2 lovell springs in the rear or just go coilovers but i guess we'll see what happens in a couple of weeks

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I've got king springs low. Front is nice drop but rear is still too high. Thinking of resetting the rears for another 10-15mm drop. Or coilovers one day.

Me and a few other zre guys got the TRD version s sports muffler axle back. Not so restrictive as the stock one. Gives car a bit more vroom vroom, doubt too much performance increase though. The part itself is absolutely quality, cant beat TRD from japan

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