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Installing shock absorbers & sway bar bushes


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Hi all, I know that shock absorbers have been discussed extensively previously, but I wanted to ask about installing shock absorbers. I had my car (Gen 4 Camry V6) serviced today and the dealer said that my RHF shock absorber was leaking and needed to be replaced. So I've decided to buy a pair of KYB Excel-G shock absorbers and replace both the RHF and LHF shock absorbers myself. Firstly, is this okay considering that I will not be replacing the rear shock absorbers that are stock? Secondly, has anyone replaced their own shock absorbers before and is it very difficult? I will be doing it with my dad who's pretty good with tools so I think I should be alright...

Also, I need to replace my rear sway bar bushes. I was also going to do this myself (with my dad). Again, is this very difficult?



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Replacing both the shocks and sway bar bushes will be an easy DIY job. When I say easy, I just mean that if you have the tools and patience, you don't have to get a pro to do it. All you will need is a jack, set of jack stands, socket set and some spring compressors.

As for changing only the fronts, you will be fine. The Excel-G's are basically just an OEM replacement so you pretty much won't be making an handling changes. As long as you change it in a front/rear pair as you will do, you will be fine.

Just make sure you get a wheel alignment done afterwards. I also recommend getting new bump stops and boot kit (something like a Monroe Strut Mate kit) while you are at it.

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