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sleeping in makes you fat or myth?


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The process of sleeping in general doesn't make you fat, therefore sleeping in is no different really. It's what you eat in the hours before you do sleep that can cause you to gain weight in your sleep. Any food is fattening. Whether or not this affects you depends on what you do with that energy. Sleeping reduces your metabolic rate so for the period of time you are sleeping, you will burn less energy. Eating more than you burn is one way you will end up putting on weight. Sleeping in... well you do the math.

We already have a thread for things like this:


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Simple mathematics.

Energy in > energy burnt = weight gain

Energy in < energy burnt = weight loss

Energy in = energy burnt = weight the same

Eat, sleep, live however you like; but if your goal is to lose weight either eat less or exercise more.

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i heard doctors say that a person shouldn't eat straight before they sleep, because doing this will make a person harder to sleep if they're stomach heavy, and it can possibly help themgain weight. but the myth of people can gain weight by sleeping in makes me confused at how that myth can even be possible.

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It makes sense...

If you eat several hours before bedtime, you are at least moving around burning calories in those hours before you rest and sleep.

If you ate a big dinner, then head straight to the couch and nod off, your digesting the food in your sleep and not using up energy from that food and it ends up being stored in your body as fat.

Ive met this guy who told me he doesnt eat fatty food/red meat after 3pm if hes training for a bodybuilding competition.. I love meat too much not to have it for dinner.. and Im awake at least another 9-10 hours after 3pm so thats somethign id never try to do.

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Essentially, sleeping in would make you gain weight more than if you were awake. Lower metabolic rate = less calories burned = more stored as bodyfat, whereas if you were awake you'd be burning more therefore storing less.

The whole thing about not eating before bed, though, is a bit of a myth. I mean, don't go having a steak dinner or a big mac, but a light snack of something healthy within an hour or 2 of going to bed actually does more good than bad. Make sure you always have a nutritious breakfast when you wake up, to fire up your metabolism, and you should be aiming to eat something every few hours to keep your metabolism doing its thing, despite what your parents always told you, you actually should be snacking between meals (just not on chocolate and cake).

And theres no substitute for exercise. HIIT or SSIT workouts are the best for fat burning. Don't get sucked into jogging on a treadmill at 6kmph for half an hour, coz while that might burn a handful of calories while you're doing it, once you stop you go back to burning 5/8 of f all. Interval training sets you up to continue burning extra for hours afterward. The more muscle you have also means more fat you burn. You burn roughly 6 calories a day for every pound of muscle, so hit those weights, too.

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