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arc's ZRE Levin SX


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After owning the car for 1 week now thought it was time to put up some photos and yes i still have the aurion sportivo this 1 is my daily driver.

2010 Levin SX colour is Tungsten




Current Mods so far are

Pedders Sports rider springs

Viper Alarm with window up n down via remote

17" Kappa Wheels

Dark Tint

LED interior light upgrade

8000k HIDs for lows and foggies

T10 LED parker light and rear license plate light upgrade

Grill and front badge sprayed Black using Plastidip

Rear badge and chrome strip sprayed black using plastidip

De-badged Corolla, toyota and Levin SX

300HZ truck air horn

Mods to come

C-One front strut brace

C-One front sway bar

Cusco rear sway bar

TRD front lip

K&N short ram intake

8000k HID Lo beam and foggies

Xforce S10 Twinloop Rear Muffler


Alpine 502 with nav+bluetooth

Genisis Profile 5 front + Rear channels bridged to power fronts

fibreglass 10" sub box housing arc audio sub

DLS Gothia Front splits

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I took the aurion for a drive for the first time yesterday since recieving the Corolla and even the mrs said that ive missed this car the way i drove it haha. I dont mind the corolla very smooth to drive even the gear changes (manual).

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Hey arc, if you're interested in a Cusco rear sway try 999 in Brisbane, they are a distributor of Cusco products. I called them around 2 weeks ago was quoted around 275 and 380 for front strut bar and rear sway respectively. The price included postage to your door.

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Your a legend pezzie they are about a 10 min drive from home. Will save me heaps on postage and stuff from japan.

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Thought i'd throw up some pics of the spring install.







Just swapped the cars around in garage and springs have definatly settled in over night so will need some new photos.

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Picked up Dutchie's hood dampers he had for sale and after a slight mod and abit of stuffing around here they are.






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Whhaaaatt? they look ok! still, the fender one is hitting the pinch weld isnt it? or does that fit in the gap now? Whats the action like now, smooth and does it lift the bonnet by itself?

Were the brackets labeled the wrong way around cause i swear i checked it twice... like i said, i was in a hurry but surely im not that daft? :help:

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Hey Pete, I still have a little playing to do but they are very smooth and do lift the bonnet without assistance. The fender one i filed a grove in to get past the little triangle kink thats in the fender and added a washer underneath to space it up so it sat on that rolled edge. Also the bonnet ones i think i swapped left n right around so they went to the inside. If you follow the instructions that were in the bag there is no chance they will fit the way it says to do them must be off a differnt car.

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Thanks, I thinking of pulling all the brackets off and doing them in the factory tungsten colour for that factory look.

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Woooo facelift!!

Great work on the bonnet dampers, kappas and the springs! What's planned for her next? :P

Don't know if you would like this but it's a Modellista front garnish.. makes her a bit more aggressive! :whistling:



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Hey Peter. So many Peter's on here you, Dutchie and pezzie lol.

Dutchie was kind enough to send me a link to the Modellista front garnish the other day when i was looking for parts so definatly on the cards and maybe the front lip if i can find 1 or i get the trd one.

Got a price from 999 auto for cusco rear stabiliser bar $405, front sway bar $495 and front strut brace $295, so i will probably only get the rear sway and front strut brace for now but will most likely be few weeks away as they have to come from Japan. Was going to start a fbreglass box yesterday but the rain put me off would be sitting around all ay waiting for it to go ff.

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Yes, there are too many Peters with ZREs.. You're missing one though, BG Pete! Hehe

Good to see Dutchie helped you out. He's very good help. :P

Nice work with the bars, you'll definitely love the rear sway! Have you ordered them already? If not, contact these guys: http://www.greenline.jp. Found them to be really fast.


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I was motivated enough today to start fibreglassing the rear qtr to start the sub box and maybe put the amp in there aswell havnt decided yet but heres some pics so far.



Just incase some people dont know what items are being used i googled some images

First off is the dls ultimate splits


This is 1 of the amps i will be using this is the arc mini 500.1 with subwoofer remote. Reason i selected these amps was that it has built in speaker level adaptor so i can use these of factory head unit until i upgrade to the alpine 7" screen.


Last but not least is the 8" image dynamics ID8


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Ive made some slow progress on the sub box, currently at the part where im sanding to meet the edge of the trim and give it a nice smooth role.




If you imagine that the sub hole will be cut out on that layer of mdf and then another 9mm panel will sit around the sub with blue l.e.d strip lighting all the way around followed by another 9mm panel to cover the l.e.d then a frosted perspex ring will be inserted onto the sub :lol: bit hard to explain but im sure you will all get the pic once its complete.

i was originally gonig to just do a carpet box but have now decided to trim box in black vinyl and make a false floor to access spare wheel. Im unsure yet to buy another 17" kappa and tyre and have that as my spare so the floor can have a persex circle to see the kappa through floor with blue l.e.d lighting under neath or just do a black vinyl with a raised up toyota logo in the vinyl with some form of lighting.

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