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Single to Dual exhaust upgrade

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Hey fellas. im upgrading to a dual exhaust system and i just wanted to gather some info and maybe clear up some stuff a few exhaust shops had told me today.

This is what they told me;

Exhaust shop 1) Willing to build a Y pipe from the res back. Stock piping is 2.25 inchs as it is. If he supplies to cannon exhausts (dont really want but i like the stainless steel/chrome look), job will be around 850 dollars. Asked him if he could do 2.25inch piping and he said its fine. Wont lose back pressure or anything at all by upgrading to a dual exhaust.

Exhaust shop 2) Willing to build Y pipe from the res back. However, this guy took the time and explained the job to me. He said if i kept the 2.25inch piping from the res back i will actually lose power. Since im breaking the pipes into 2, he said i should use 2 inch piping to the mufflers and chuck a 4 inch muffler tip at the end. Makes sense, but i dont know how accurate his knowledge is as 2 different places (reputable) are telling me 2 different things. Only thing i dont like about this is the 4 inch tip. I like how my vibrant muffler goes from 2,25 to a 3 inch tip at the end.

Another bad thing with this guy is i HAVE to buy mufflers through him. He said if i supply mufflers the job will be approx 700, if i dont and he gets the mufflers..the job will still be 700. But dodgy which i brought up and he said i have to pay for labour rarar

exhaust shop 3). Again, willing to do the job but didnt explain the job to me. I had to explain to him what exactly i wanted and it seemed like he was just agreeing with me. If i supply the mufflers, he will build the Y pipe from the res back for $250. And around 600 if i didnt

I like the price of exhaust shop 3, but i dont like how it seems like they dont know anything. Hence why im putting it out here now so i could just get whatever i need and tell them to do the job for a cheap price.

I like the knowledge of exhaust shop 2, he seemed like he knew what he was talking about but im not convinced on that set up of making the piping smaller

Exhaust shop 1 seemed like he was just trying to make a sale. But its a very reputable store on my end of town, and if i can get exactly what i want done (without losing any back pressure) ill most likely go to him for the job.

So here are my questions;

I like the sound of the vibrant muffler, but upgrading to dual vibrant in stainless steel chrome? Would it produce the same sound? if not, would the sound be deeper/louder? or more high pitch and quieter?

If I kept the piping at 2.25 inchs from the res back and keep both piping to the dual exhausts at 2.25 inchs and then slowly increase it to 3 inch tips like my current SINGLE exhaust (current muffler = 2.25inch inlet, 3 inch outlet), will i be losing back pressure and essentially losing low end power as im going to dual set up? Or is exhaust shop 2 correct and should i decrease the piping size to 2 inchs and just chuck a 3 inch muffler tip at the end?

What do you guys think? I wanna try get this done in 2 weeks. And right now im looking into importing the mufflers from the states!

Any info would be great fellas!

Thanks in advance!

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