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Hi guys .

We’ve been asked by a lot of members if we can get some group buys sorted for Mothers gear, so we did a bit of arm twisting and they’ve come to the party.

Can you give us some guide as to what products you would like us to get the best price on?

I know with summer only around the corner, getting my car looking the goods is one of my priorities this time of year. And with Christmas only 8 weeks away it could be the time to sort Dad out and get him to stop using dish soap on the car!

Step 1. Post your interest in a product.

Step 2. I’ll work out the most popular and get the best deal from Mothers

Step 3. I’ll post up products, price and minimum volumes

Step 4. You tell me what you want and sort out some Molla.

Step 5. Mothers delivered to your door.

Hears a few popular kits we could go for or have quick look at to get some more ideas.

California Gold Car Wash & Microfibre Towel


-Mothers Powerball for Head lights Kit


-Mothers Wax Attack Kit

-Mothers Powerball for Polishing metal


-Mothers Power cone


-California Gold Clay Bar System


Register your interest here and we’ll see what we can do you guys.

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Hi there - are we limited to just ordering 'kits' or could we put together say double packs of just Showtime? I'm not speaking for everyone but I know that for a lot of these packs I have most of it i.e. I've got all the microfibre clothes, I've still got good clay bars etc so its only the actual product I need.

I'd be particularly interested in:

Double packs of Showtime

Double packs of Step 2 Sealer and Glaze (as I already have plenty of wax and use other paint correction products)

The power cone (was there a mini version I've seen as well?)

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