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Service intervals


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I know this is probably in the owners handbook, but I don't have imediate access to it atm.

I'm finding I don't clock over enough km's per service interval. The next service interval for me is 17th Jan or 30,000km.

As I've only done 23,000km, I was wondering how far (time wise), I can push the service back before affecting warranties etc ?

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You need to service every 12 months or 15000 klm which ever comes first for warranty purposes :rolleyes:

I'm pretty sure m_grumble isn't asking for what he already knows. What he would like to know is how much extra leeway he can get out of his service interval. For example, I have been able to be a couple of thousand out of a service interval and my dealer assured me that this won't affect the warranty, as the dealer was busy when the interval was reached. So basically, the OP wants to know how many days out of his service interval can he still get a service and be covered by warranty. Of course this answer may vary, but a general idea may help him.

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my car's first scheduled service was done 1 month after the schedule. i asked the dealer if i could have it done in 1 or 2 more months since it hasn't travelled much (only 8000km thereabouts) and they said it would cost me more since it won't be covered under the service advantage. didn't ask if it affects the warranty or not.

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Ah sorry must have read it wrong :D Like you said DJ it varies with each dealer and with each service department or who you talk to there but personally I dont let mine go past the 12 months by more than a couple of weeks (as i dont do the 15k per year)then that way there is no problems with the warranty side of things. Might be an idea m_grumble to contact your dealer and explain your situation and ask their advise.



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As I know, toyota has been very generous. My 3 year warranty expires last October, but I'm turning it in tomorrow, no dramas.

It's always best to talk to your dealer...

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I just got chatting to an old guy here in the Caravan Park who owns an Aurion Touring and asked to see his Service Book.

Seems we were all wrong :huh:

Service Intervals are as follows and are as of the Warranty Commencement Date.

9 Month / 15,000km

18 Month / 30,000km

27 Month / 45,000km

36 Month / 60,000km

45 Month / 75,000km

54 Month / 90,000km


As my Warranty Commencement Date is March 2010, that makes the next service interval Sept 2011 (or 30,000km), so all is good :clap:

Thanks guys........

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