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Bought Philips Crystal Vision 4300K Halogen (My HID Cheating)

ben yip

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I walked across Autobarn to get motor oil today, found out that Philips has very expensive halogen light globe, cost me $138 a pair of low beam. Their effect is far more better than standard halogen,

I have bought Philips Crystal Vision 4300k....

It is white in color, in somewhat misunderstood as HID.. Made in Germany

For reviews, please google it yourself, especially compared with HID...but I did find this video with the top model of Philips Halogen vs HID

same installation procedure as ordinary halogen, I don't like HID coze too much installation procedures for me, and difficult in replacing light bulbs..good alternative for HID bulbs..

Whether u like it, up to u

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Good to hear you have had promising results, but I have seen a HID vs Philips Crystal Vision first hand and can personally say that:

1) HID's are noticeably brighter,

2) HID's can be more cost efficient,

3) There are other halogen bulb alternatives out there that are most cost efficient than the Philips Crystal Vision if you plan on staying with halogen bulbs.

But each to their own.

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digging up old thread!

Ben, im not too sure which ones you purchased, because $138aud for standard Philips Crystal Visions seem like a total...*cough*.

Standard Philips Crystal Visions are rrp99 aud.

however there has been a new release in the states, for at least 1.5years now, Philips Crystal Vision Ultra, which is an improvement on standard crystal visions available in Australia.

The difference is that the standard crystal visions are 4300k, while the crystal vision ultras are 4500k. diamond visions are 5000k but are considered hazardous for wet environments, and have too much blue. 4500k is a pure white light, while 4300k is bright yellow/white light, while 4200 and below is more yellow bright, thus 4500k is the one to get if you want the white-ist possible drivable light. anything above 4500k in halogens are silly imo, as you are endangering yourself.

A Japanese brand by the name of BJUnion has been making the Crystal Vision Ultra 4500k styled bulbs for eons before philips, and i had them on my camry for 1.5years before they blew. it was a true white light. i imagine the crystal vision ultra is to fill that marketplace.

i havent seen many stores in aust sell crystal vision ultras, but East Coast Spares, which are a reputable anti autobarn/repco/supercheap store in melbourne suburbia, and funnily enough, only listed it yesterday 15/04/11 on gumtree. rrp99aud, on ebay its 60aud including shipping.

im very interested to see how these crystal vision ultra compare to my previous experience with BJUnion 4500k pure white.

only reason why i still want to stay with halogens is because i dislike xenons being placed on non projector lamps. my headlight lense is a clear type (and not those zigzaged headlight lenses), but i still dislike how they shine on others. yes its superior, but its like being on highbeams 24.7. i could decrease the angle, but then that would defeat the purpose. if i had projector lenses that would be different of course! i would of course also be pull ova by the coppers as they would clearly know that my xenon fitment is not stock due to the way it shines on others.

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eBay was where I scored mine from

$2.50 delivered for two 5000k Halogen Bulbs - H7 Low Beams

$2.50 delivered for 10 x T10 Wedge Bulbs (Parkers, Number Plate Lights) Which I then sold the remaining ones to my mates for $5 a set (;

So for 5 dollars to my door, this is what I got (: - Well I actually made money back selling the remaining T10 Bulbs haha

Needless to say I'm extremely happy about the results, but I will be switching to HID sooner or later,

The bulbs simply don't compare, but heck I'm a P Plater and the HID's will probably see me loose my license or some BS :(

Oh and I've ordered my 5000k High Beams from the same people, $5.69 delivered

And will do a full write up and review once they are in for everyone (:


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