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The Movie Thread ^__^


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Hey everyone

I though of this topic might bring everyone attention to see what's the best movie is worth to watch it in cinema or is worth it to be relased on DVD or even wrost not to watch it at all

My favorite would been Lord of the Ring series, batman begin, police academy series, and other catchy ones which has a good story line :)

now your turns :) thanks ^__^

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My favourite movies would have to be:

The Departed


Infernal Affairs 1, 2 and 3

Pride and Glory (GREAT FKN MOVIE!)

Street Kings

The Recruit

The Bourne Trilogy

Die Hard (All of them)

Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

Fight Club


Full Metal Jacket

Pirates of the Caribbean

V for Vendetta


I'm only naming a few here, I have a ton of favourite movies :-)

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Apart from the movies that are massive failures and can be agreed on by everyone, a personal opinion of a movie is basically just that... a personal opinion. I could sit here all day recommending movies, but in no way could I guarantee that what I find as a good movie, you would also find good.

Anyways, I watch movies at the cinema all the time and am not a fan of watching a movie outside of a cinema, so I'd be recommending nearly every movie.

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here is a list a work colleague put together in like TEN minutes plucked out of her head...bit of a movie buff.

ive saved it in my email as a reminder, not that i go to movie stores that much anymore...thailand trip every year or two is good enough :)


Get Smart

Tropic Thunder

Kick *****… (I haven’t seen yet…want to!)

Little Miss Sunshine

Shaun of the Dead

Bulworth (I think this is comedy… ummm…political theme but good)




Boogie Nights (until halfway through…then it gets depressing)

Jerry McGuire… (I know, I know)

Sherlock Holmes (current one with Robert Downey)

This is Spinal Tap


La Dolce Vita (black n white) .

To Kill a Mockingbird

One flew over the cuckoos nest



The Watchmen

V for Vendetta (hugo weaving.. Natalie portman)



Garden State

You can Count on Me

In Bruges (love this one… great script)

Lost in Translation

Picnic at Hanging Rock (classic aussie movie… then go to Hanging Rock for a climb)

Saturday Night Fever (this is actually a depressing movie…aside from the dancing. This is not boogie nights.)

Dark/interesting stories:

A history of violence (Viggo mortenson… normal guy suddenly able to kickass…finally located by evil brother…)

Eastern Promises (Viggo again… this time he’s a Russian mafia dude.. Naomi Watts plays a nurse following clues to a Russian chick who died during childbirth)

The usual suspects (good twist)

Se7en (Morgan freeman, Gwyneth and brad pitt… with a psycho killer)

Leon (very young Natalie portman and… yup… an assassin called Leon.)

The Departed (This movie saved Leonardo DiCaprio for me…bit like Shakespeare with undercover cops)

21 Grams (I can’t remember if I liked this one…)

The Last King of Scotland (Africa is scary)

Pan’s Labrynthe (weird)

The Game


There Will be Blood (loooong)


No Country for Old Men

Mad Max (before officer honeytits…there was max)

Talk Radio (late night radio dude…lots of talking, but good)

Sexy Beast

In Bruges

Rock n Rolla

Have to watch at least once even if you don’t like horror or science fiction….

The exorcist

The shining

Aliens (Perfect for mother’s day. Ripley suits up in a giant robot exoskeleton to protect a little girl , says ‘get away from her you bitch’ to the giant angry Alien mum)

The Birds (gotta list at least once Hitchcock)

Reservoir Dogs… (I class this as horror… ‘stuck in the middle with you’)

Robocop (I can’t believe they used to allow this much gore in normal movies! Ha)

Silence of the Lambs

About real people….

Amadeus (shows you what Mozart was really like… a weird hyena laughing sex-maniac party boy with a penchant for purple wigs and a father-complex)

Before Night Falls (Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas…great soundtrack)

Lust for Life (Vincent van gogh…)

The People Vs. Larry Flynt (woody harrelson…Courtney love… based on the life of the guy who made Hustler magazine…)

Downfall (Hitler…amazing look at him going mad…in german…don’t watch with Das Boot or you’ll be all germaned out)

War Flicks…


The Thin Red Line (beautiful…but really slow…have to be in the mood for voice-over reflections)

The Deer Hunter

Letters from Iwo Jima (see the Japanese side of the story)

Born on the 4th of July (Just so you can respect Tom Cruise for one movie at least)

Das Boot (all in german… horrible submarine…claustrophobic…I hate watching it, but it is really good)

Boxing…. Yes…I’m serious

Rocky (just the first one)

Raging Bull

Million Dollar Baby (depressing)

I still haven’t seen…

Taxi Driver (De Niro…)

Completely mess up your head or just plain weird….

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (jim carey and kate winslet as partners (who has many different colours of hair). Kate tries to erase all her memories of jim, he tries to save them)

O Brother, Where Art Thou (weird Coen brothers… based on greek mythology the Odyssey…)

Being John Malcovich

Donnie Darko (a must see… Jake Gylenhaal’s first big role)

The Big Lebowski (the Dude abides. Make sure you have Kahlua and milk while watching)

Twelve Monkeys (Brad Pitts best role as a psycho. I don’t like Brad Pitt…but I like this. Games that want to get out. Has Bruce Willis)


Clerks…Clerks II… etc. etc. (weird sense of humour)

Very Dark either makes you cry or want to end it all…

Requiem for a Dream (you don’t wanna know what happens to the little girl from the Labrinthe when she grows up…)

The Mission

The Elephant Man (only worth watching if you like to impersonate him. Works well if you have a bad cold. Luke impersonates him saying ‘for me? A kisss?’ it freaks me out.)

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A few of my favs in no order....


Super Troopers

Tropic Thunder





Toy Story 1,2,3


Full Metal Jacket


Once Were Warriors

12 Angry Men (original)


Forest Gump

Happy Gilmore

and i could prolly list plenty more,but the above are movies i've watched more than once and still enjoy. :D

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Having just come back from seeing it, if you haven't yet watched it, I would highly recommend spending the money to watch 'Tangled' in 3D at the cinema.

With the massive advancements in computer animation, combined with the quality of digital projection (thank you Texas Instruments), and the addition of cinematic 3D (thanks to RealD) has resulted in animation of such a high quality that it just so hard to describe. The cinema experience is just not the same anymore. Because of all this, this would be the only way I would ever recommend watching animation.

It's funny how I love digital projection so much considering that once upon a time, I actually didn't like the idea because I preferred the 'feel' of film. Once you experience animation on digital projection though, there's just no argument.

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I love Ip Man.

All martial arts movies are a 10/10 in my eyes.


I felt sorry for the last guy... might watch this movie when I get home lol

I know its actually an old movie though, Donnie Yen FTW!

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