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RAV4 Production Times


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Hi people!

I've just laid down my deposit for a 2011 RAV4 Cruiser 2.4l 2wd Manual in Graphite.

I'm very excited, except that I was informed it would not be arriving until late March/Early April due to them having to build one :(

That equates to about 10-12 weeks - is that about right? Does anyone have any hints on what I can do to keep myself busy for the long, agonising wait?

I'm really looking forward to the new addition to our Toyota family. We currently have an 05 Corolla and an 01 Camry (being traded).



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Hi, I'm in the same position, Manual CV in Metal Storm, being made specially for me, so that's a plus, I suppose.

Keep me updated on how long yours will be. Really testing my patience.

Replacing a Forester, can't wait for this one to arrive

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Thanks RonnyBoy.

@Wings99: I checked in with the dealership on the weekend. Apparently my build has now been approved (whatever that means) by Toyota and will be part of a March production run, so I'll likely be waiting at least until early April for delivery. I paid my deposit on 14/01/2011.

I'm not sure what the 'approval' was that needed to occur. I assumed it would have been a simple case of "Customer wants car, Toyota Builds car, Customer gets car" but clearly there is more to it than that.

Oh well, as long as they're happy for my trade-in vehicle to have done a few extra miles by that stage, I'm happy to be patient.

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Time will fly, so you should have the RAV4 really soon :)

Time's not flying - it's crawling!

It's been nearly two months since I laid down my deposit. Getting restless now. I hope they don't try to downgrade the value of my trade-in vehicle, being that it'll probably have an additional 5,000 kms on it by the time we do the changeover.

At this stage I'm still hoping to have the Rav before the end of March, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

[EDIT] Was told yesterday that delivery will be first week in May. Ugh.

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It seems as though I may be waiting just a bit longer for my new car. Under the circumstances, it's understandable...


Toyota has decided to suspend production at all Toyota Motor Corporation plants, as well as at all subsidiary vehicle-manufacturing plants (e.g. Central Motors, Kanto Auto), on Monday, March 14th.

It is because Toyota places utmost priority on ensuring the safety of all team members at Toyota, its subsidiary vehicle manufacturers such as Central and Kanto, and at its suppliers, as well as on confirming the safety of their family members.

The article doesn't indicate when production will recommence, but I'm assuming since the plant is a fair way south from the earthquake/radiation zone, this will be a fairly temporary production halt.

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[uPDATE: 4th April, 2011]

I still haven't got my RAV4 :(

After years of happy motoring with Toyota, this dealership is causing me to rethink my loyalty.

According to them, the transmission type and colour I chose make my vehicle 'rare', so they've had difficulties in sourcing/producing such a vehicle.


A McLaren F1 with a Palsonic audio head unit and ivory steering wheel would be rare. This is a frikkin Toyota.

Now looking at the possibility of settling for an Auto, rather than wait months for the manual. What's worse is that after a couple of phone calls on Thursday, I discovered that there are a couple of 2011 build vehicles with EXACTLY the spec I wanted (colour and manual trans included) available in the country.

They'll be wanting to offer the auto transmission at a hefty discount, as the $2000 extra far exceeds the penalty cost of breaking the contract.

Yes, I've had a rotten experience and I'm rather ******...

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Well, the latest update from the dealership is that my car has been produced, and is in Japan awaiting shipment.

I'm told that it originally had an AU ETA of 17/04/2011, but that ETAs on all vehicles have been removed by Toyota.

Guess I just have to sit tight now and hope that there are no shipping delays.

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It looks like all you can do is wait for the arrival of the RAV.

Theres really not much more you can do. Unless you decide to pull out of the contract...

Hopefully things go well and you get it by the end of the month (at the latest) :)

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Well, after being advised that my vehicle is in fact NOT completed, and that I'd be looking at July delivery at the earliest, I've pulled out of the contract and have decided to shift my focus towards getting an Aurion instead.

I won't bother posting a new thread in the Aurion forums just yet (don't want to jinx it).

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