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I used Tint professor in Nunawading (HQ) for my previous Mazda 2, I think I paid $265 in 2007 and now the price has gone up to $295.

You can't go wrong with Tint Professor.

Also looking for a window tinting service for my Corolla (darkest legal tint). Can anyone suggest any places in Melbourne?

Tint Professor Full car window tint darkest legal 35% $260 last time i did mine. Lifetime warranty B)

Yeah I think they've gone up to $295 too - it states "from" $295 for hatches lol.

So I decided to go with Tint-a-Car's "Octane" tints - got quoted $295.

Quotes from the Tint Professor were a bit nutto - $295 for Premium One; $350 for Rockstar; $390 for Premium Elite!

hi, here's my 10c. the tint professor went through change of ownership in July of 2010, hence the price rise. i for one know this was a good move as we now get pay slips and uniforms! "Rick the tint professor" was and ***** hole who didn't look after his employees. one thing we have over tint a car is our warranty-life time!

don't get me wrong, go with what ever company you like but please, please be aware that all Toyota's have a sufficient amount of die in the glass, that once 35% tint is applied it renders the windows illegal!!! if the company you or any one else on here decides to use does not test their glass prior to tinting and offer a lighter shade e.g 40% your car will have illegal tint and there for be un road worthy and could void your insurance!!!!

please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

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I had my Yaris done by Toyota and they said it was the darkest legal tint--it did cost a bomb though--but guaranteed for as longs as I own the car, so I am hoping that it is OK, it doesn't look all that dark.

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