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Hey fellow xB/Rukus/Rumion Owners


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Hows everybody doing! My name is Pasquale. I live in the US and I was browsing your forum and decided to sign up and introduce myself.

I own 08 Gen2 Scion XB or as you guys know it as the Toyota Rukus.

Here are some pictures of my car.




That's my baby! I'm really excites to see what you guys have in store for your cars!

If any of you are looking to pick up some usdm parts or willing to to trade for some rukus parts let me know ;)

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Thanks! Yeah it took some work but I got it where I wanted it. Next project Im going to try and go lower with some smaller wheels.

Im doing the CAD work right now for the front Im planning on running a 17x9 +20 with -1.5 camber and in the rear I want to run 17x10.5 + 15 with the -3 camber plates I have now. Im trying to make my own faces and bolt them to BBS RS lips and barrels.

Im jockin your 'Rolla MAN! So clean!

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Oh Woww Your Baby is out of this World Thank You so much for Sharing & i Welcome you to the Club Personally, hope you can share in all your Pics & Stories would love to hear about them as i am how shall i put it a Scion XB fan, you made me laugh calling it your " Baby " as i too call my Rukus Halo my Baby ;) i have never heard some one call a Scion XB a Rukus well if we both think about it they are the same Car & we are all apart of one big happy Family :D sadly where i am living my Rukus Halo i mean my Baby is a target & even though my Rukus is only 2 years old it has been the toughest 2 years i have ever had owning a Car. i am so wishing to get more done but must wait until end of October before i spend any more money. what i am so wishing to have on my Rukus Halo is a Visor that is selling on the Scion XB Website as i think would look pretty amazing & i would also paint it Purple to match my mirrors & Spoiler. i am some one who like to be different if you haven't already figured that out. & i can see you too are just like me. in October i am having some much needed striping & carbon fibre on all the window frames which i am looking so forward too & know will make my Car look a million Dollars not that it doesn't already ;) also in October i am splashing out hmmm i seem to do that when it comes to my Baby ;) getting the whole works 8' Alpine custom made fibre glass frame for front & back for the sub woofer also painted same color purple & thinking of some other cool stuff for the inside, i not wish to go over board but slowly my Rukus Halo is becoming into something truly Special. as i not have no Mud flaps for my Halo as they didn't make any for what ever reason that was, i have already contacted somebody from Ebay about the Scion XB mudflaps & hoping to get them on before i Leave in October, let me know your thoughts on the Mudflaps as i haven't ordered any just Yet :D if you have any ideas would love to hear about them as i too have only just returned here after many Months away hmmm where was i ;) i made a Video after i transformed my Rukus Halo but will make another when everything is finished can't wait for that one. now sit Back & Check out my " The Making of a Rukus " my Toyota Rukus Halo has made me make all my Dreams Come True

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