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2zzge AE82 sedan conversion

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Pippy dropped over today with the secondhand coilovers he sourced from TW, he spent the afternoon cleaning them up and sorting out what I had to mod to make them fit. I believe they were from an AE101 or AE112. They're now mounted with standard twincam strut tops and modded lower rear hub section. I also removed the plenum to weld up one of the old ports and stuck the modded sump back on with toyota FIPG. Fairly productive day, car's now sitting on the coilovers but will need some more lowering. 17x7 +40's with 205/40 tyres alo JUST clear the lower spring seat at the rear. The actual rims I'll be running are 16x7 +35.

$250 delivered coilovers :)




Bare intake side of head:


Welding up the plenum:



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The ae82 now has metal flares... my mate Josh brought around his new 2J plenum for me to mod, so I told him he could flare the guards on the rolla while he waited :P

thew on the 16x7 +35 enkei's which currently have 205/50's on them and after the flaring they fit with tons of clearance. They were hanging out the guards before the flaring.

"Flaremaster" Josh chopping the guard-liner mounting tabs off


Getting busy with the hammer and dolly


Tons of space now, just needs going over with the flap disc and a skim of bog


Rear starting to get the same treatment:




Tons of space


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bolted the plenum up for the last time today, then went to put in the bosch injectors from Monkeywrench Racing, but decided I needed to make some mods to their mounting solution first...

due to the injector location/angle with regard to the head, you can't fit the bosch injectors using a traditional 11mm top adapter. MWR supplied them with an adapter on the outlet of the injector and a denso-style seat pushed onto that. It didn't really fit all that well and it also made the injector too long overall.

So I machined down the injector adapter necks to 7.5mm diameter, then machined up a 9.7mm dia neck sleeve with a base 2.5mm high, those were stuck onto the machined injector adapters with Toyota FIPG. The injectors will fit nicely now, will bolt them up tomorrow after the FIPG cures.


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Started today wanting to get the topend of the engine all assembled so I could get on with finishing the turbo oil/water plumbing, didn't quite go to plan :P

Got the injectors all bolted in, replaced all the seals and gaskets on the cam cover, then went to replace the lift bolts and unfortunately the intake lift-bolt was snapped... This is a known issue on the 2zz's so I'd proactively purchased new bolts to replace them and was hoping they'd still be intact. Wasn't that lucky, so I had to try and get the snapped section out. Drilled a 3.5mm hole in a random M6 bolt to use as a guide, got the snapped section drilled nicely, then found the cheap easy-outs I have are crap. So will try and get my hands on a snap-on set this week and then I should be able to get it assembled for the last time. If everything doesn't go to plan and I have to remove the cam, I'll be putting some bigger cams in it.

Good news is the ZZE123 throttle cable is able to be retrofitted to the AE82 bracket/pedal, and I was able to fit an AE112 heater tap which fits better in the bay with the turbo intake etc.

"Lift Bolts", Left - New, Middle - Old/Worn, Right - Snapped....


M6 bolt modded to be a drill guide:


Lift bolt hole in the top of the head, trying to not get metal shavings everywhere:


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hi ive been following your build for a while now and your latest post has really grabbed my attention. i own a 1999 celica with 110k kms on the clock, the lift bolts on this car have never ( im pretty sure ) been checked/changed. after finding the DIY on this site i feel that im not confident enough/lacking the tools to do it my self. do you have any recommendations as to who i should take the car to, to get the bolts checked+replaced? from what i have read toyota mechanics are kind of clueless to stuff like this. thanks mate


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couple of small updates from the weekend.

Got the heater lines done, a bit of stuffing around as the original 2zz heater ports are 19mm diameter, the ae82 heater core is 17mm dia. Took the opportunity to get setup for the turbo waterlines also, for the hardline that comes from the thermostat housng, I welded a 17mm bend into the hardline to point under the turbo intake pipe, I then welded a -6AN fitting to the pipe for the cold-side of the turbo coolant feed.

For the other line, I machined up a 17<19mm adapter and welded another -6AN fitting to that for the turbo coolant outlet.

On the actual turbo, I removed one of the lower welsh-plugs in the core and tapped the remaining hole to 16x1.5mm thread. Then modified the waterline banjo tube that was supplied with the turbo to accept a 16mm banjo bolt at one end, welded a -6AN fitting to the other end. The turbo was supplied with both upper water jacket holes tapped, both the lower holes were plugged... That isn't great for allowing the turbo to be cooled correctly once the engines switched off. Now it has one lower hole for the coolant inlet, and one of the upper holes for the outlet.


Added a tab to the top of the cooler core for the bonnet latch:


Got a HKS thermostatic oil cooler sandwich plate instead of the Mocal one I'd purchased previously. The Mocal one was too big to fit in the space available for the 2zz filter:


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finally got the 82 back in the shed for work to recommence...

Redid the fuel filter setup yesterday, then spent the rest of the day searching for a bunch of black -6 push lock fittings with no success. Also made some brackets for the front guards to push them out another 15mm from the metal flaring.

This is with 16x7 +35 rims running 205/50's. I'm thinking I'll purchase some +20 15x7's and run 195/50's all round.


This is the inside of the guards, the liner tabs were cut off and the lip bashed up so the metal is double layer.


Also got started on the powersteering setup, fitted the ZZE123 resivour to a custom bracket, shortened the ZZE feed line to the pump slightly and modified the ZZE hardline coming out of the pump with a -6 AN fitting. I still have to do the same to the hardline coming out of the rack, but I'll look to braze the fitting to that line as the steel tube from the '82 line is thinner wall. Once both are done I'll get some -6 200 series teflon lines and fittings from MSCN to finish the pressure side of the plumbing... pretty simple only requiring 1x 45deg fitting and one straight fitting. The return side will be run through a small cooler at the front of the car then back to the resivour.




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got the high pressure line done, -6AN fittings tigged to the to hardline ends, then 200 series speedflow in between. I used some factory ZZE corolla heat sleeve from the original 2zz powersteer line to shield it.



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bit more done, got the turbo oil drain sorted, finished the filter to rail fuel line and made a proper start on the dump pipe.

hardline to -10 oil drain from turbo:


dump pipe started:


Oil drain in place and the start of the dump, I put some toyota FIPG on the sump to tube weld instead of painting the whole thing:


New fuel filter location and lines:


Checking to see what a ZZT Celica steering wheel looks like :P


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dump, wastegate and front section of exhaust were sorted today.

Welded up the dump:


Took to the manifold with a holesaw:



Sorted out the gate pipe:



Blended the return to the dump:




Will finish welding the gate return tomorrow now I've confirmed it's possible to install the lot as-is

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more done today, ported and sandblasted the manifold, tweaked the gate pipe on the dump a little, checked the fitment of the exhaust center section, milled the side of the HKS thermostatic oil plate and made the oil feed hardline.

Tons of space for the gate:



Can see the gate merge inside the dump:


Exhaust mid section:



Flex is nice and high:


Just enough clearance to the subframe:


-4 turbo oil feed hardline:




HKS oil plate with 12mm to -4 banjo mounted:


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