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2zzge AE82 sedan conversion

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the exhaust uses v-band flanges... no gaskets required, easy to fit and no possibility of leaking at all. Much better than the traditional exhaust flanges that need gaskets and multiple nuts/bolts.

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mounts for the back of the rear muffler are sorted. Using some Mackay A666 insulators mounted in compression, will do something similar for the forward end of the muffler. These hold the muffler in place limiting it's travel, that lets me mount the muffler as high as possible for maximum ground clearance with no possibility of the muffler rattling on the body.




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Exhaust is all tacked up now, just have to add the two hangers in the middle of the car and the two at the front near the cat. Have made it with minimal clearance to the chassis over the suspension arms to give the arms as much space as possible. With the way the muffler is mounted it wont rattle on the chassis. Will add some heat sleeve to the handbrake line and a bit of heatshield to the brake hardline and fuel tank.





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exhaust is fully welded now, just have to add the tip after I do the cutout in the rear bumper

Re-used the stock mid & front hangers with some added gussets





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Sorted out the oil cooler today, made two brackets, one mounted to the side of the front engine mount bracket and another with a couple of stays to one of the bosses in the gearbox casing.

Still have to add clamps to the lines and make an alloy duct that will feed from the base of the bumper.





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closer to starting, might try and get it running on anzac day. Started final assembly on the intake side of the engine, painted the oil cooler brackets then bolted that lot up for the last time, fitted the oil pressure and temp senders for the new cluster, modified the joiner in the top water hose to accept the sender for the new cluster's temp gauge, fitted a 150psi TI sender to the FPR for the ECU then made a start on the vac/boost stuff that needs to connect to the plenum.

I didn't like the way the factory barbs/bungs come out of the plenum so I made up a medium size vac cannister and mounted it to the lift solenoid. From that cannister I've got hard lines running to the brake booster (-6) and wastegate (-4), then a vac line to the BOV and the TI style map sensor screwed into the side of the cannister for the boost gauge.

Not much left in the bay now, just the cam cover breathers to the turbo intake, FPR vac line, return line from FPR to hardline and throttle bracket. The I need to add a support bracket to the dump, weld some mounting lugs to the dump for a formed ACL heathield, wrap the dump and make the internal gate locking arm.

I've spent about 9 hours on the loom so far, it's about 80% done, just have to sort out the interior interface plugs to the body loom and it's ready to add loom tube and tape. After that it's time to add engine and gearbox oil, plug the loom in and fire it up :D





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this is such an awesome build!!!! i would love to see it in person :D i was thinking about dropping a 2zz into a ta22 yay or nay??

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First time to come across this thread, just saw the progress from beginning up to this point... Hope all this effort works out for you man!

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