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2zzge AE82 sedan conversion

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basically finished now, just looking for a clean/unbroken set of door trims before rego.... taking way too long to find a decent set.

all glass in:


Blacked out cooler and front pipes:


Front bar on:


Engine bay awaiting catch can:



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I've done some initial low load tuning now on my steep driveway, basically dialing in the 30kpa>100kpa and 0rpm>1500rpm sections. I managed to get the vipec "Mixture Map" function working on the Link G4 xtreme ECU, so that makes the fuel tuning a lot easier. Has tons of torque down low and is able to reverse up my driveway with basically no throttle input :P

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not really, fabricated a nice catch can for it and have been slowly sorting the final pieces of the interior. Gave up searching for a good set of doortrims after 12 months so I re-made the originals which was a massive pain, but they turned out nice.

Couple of pics:


before bumpers were bolted on properly:





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lol jase ..... looking good mate ..... so wen r u going to unleash it on the track ?

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On 4/24/2011 at 3:49 PM, CHA54 said:

Have decided to start a conversion I've wanted to do for a while after having had all the gear to do the swap sitting in the shed/yard for over 12 months.

I'm throwing a ZZE123 2zzge & 6-speed into an ae82 sedan, with the sedan receiving most of the parts from an AE82 twincam I picked up a couple of years ago (Tank, lines, rear discs, cluster, body loom, powersteer etc).

The plan is to convert the fuel rail to return-style, run a vipec v44 ECU, possibly throw a turbo on it (heaps of space for a turbo and dump in the AE82, not so much space for thermofans on the radiator). The car itself doesn't have that much rust, only a bit around the fuel filler and some around the windscreen, I'll weld new metal in for both of those and then give the whole car a fresh coat of 2-pack red.

Here's the pics of progress over the last 2 days and issues faced so far:

First I got the bay prepped ready to rip the engine out:


Before the engine came out though I fabbed up a small jig to indicate the crank centerline. This will let me make the 2zz timing cover mount with the crank in the right location.


With that done the engine was ripped out:


Then cleaned the bay...







Made some small modifications to the top AE82 gearbox mount base plate and bolted up the other AE82 brackets, then threw the box in the bay to check fitment. Plate mods involved slotting holes and using an end-mill to make a flat surface for the bolt heads.


Found out that the webbing on the 2zz sump fouls on the AE82 crossmember, so sectioned the crossmember. This pic shows the sectioned area ready to be plated up:


Great work mate! 


Give us an update.


I can't open the photos, is there a way you could re-upload? If you want, just send them through messenger



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