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AEM Cold Air Intake (Electronically Tuned)?

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hey guys was looking for some CAI's on ebay (yes I'm shopping around for more stuff for my car, damn its addictive) and stumbled across this:

has anyone ever used or heard of it? looks like a normal AEM CAI but with some strange attachment to it and has been stated to be Electronically Tuned? whatever that means.

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reading the description the "eti" thing is a module made to trick the maf sensor to read proper airflow which inturns doesn't get u the check engine light. last paragraph sounds like the module forces the maf to tune itself right for the correct amount of fuel and airflow.

going by the installation guide it looks like the eti module is like a second sensor connected after the maf closer the throttle and the maf's wires connect into the eti and eti to the main harness.

AEM Installation Guide

there's also a dyno chart on it here

Dyno Chart

and more info regarding the electronically tuned intake system

AEM Intakes

hope that all helps some what :lol:

don't worry i'm also still in that shopping phase for my car as well :P


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So it doesn't use a reduced cross section ('physical' means according to them) but it uses electronic means to trick the MAFS. In other words it sounds like a resistor.

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