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Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

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Redo the rear sway bar due to damage by hydraulic jack by some mechanics, it is sprayed in orange so that it is visible. 

The car bites the corner really good now. The bar is hand made by kmac suspension at rockdale. It has 2 holes adjustable

I have done a measurement for front and rear sway bar, 23mm front and 20mm back. The ratio is 20/23=0.87. this ratio is important for fwd cars to control understeer/oversteer

That's why it does not have any understeering and little lift off oversteering.

For your info, latest corolla use 27.8 front and 24.5 rear , that's why it handles really well. It is really really thick for stock production carIMG_0295.thumb.jpg.1b260e10597063f0b936278cc4da09e1.jpg


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I concur modding cars is a big waste of money but heaps of fun and i get a kick out of it,imo it's healthier and sometimes cheaper than drugs & gambling. :D

Long time no update, for those who don't know my car, have a look at page one for summary.. A few updates 1. Fog light installed, have to buy geniue bracket from Toyota for 100, and the fog light al

Nice news, what you thinking about Wiechers? :) Please, can you send me part number for front Lip and rear spoiler? Thanks.

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inspired by a turbo install in mighty car mods, same engine and with Haltech


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Have talked to tune house regarding standalone ecu in my car, the cost is around 8000. 6 days of wiring and 2 days of tuning.

I probably have to think about it. 8000 is a lot of money

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Car has passed 100000km with my wife and my baby in the car

I have thought about the ECU options, I will spend $10000 to get the standalone ECU, 4 years later. I am not interested in Turbo car at all. Raising the RPM to 7200rpm is a must. It will reach just 100km/h at second gear instead of 90km/h currently. 

I also have plans to change the internal of the engine including Wiesco 12:1 pistons, and light weight crank shaft, after this engine has reached 200000km

I have tested the Quaife LSD more thoroughly, no understeer at all even at rainy days at 1st gear. Very happy. It just sticks to the road

I also done a couple of really fast driving from Beowara to Godsford, many bikes are not this road. Bridgestone RE003 is vert sticky, much better than Re002, no squeak sound at all



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