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Well worth the drive. all 650km of them in round trip. Hit 120,000km on the clock under the Nan TIen temple down the coast. I hope thats good luck! :ph34r:

Its a good group up there.. friendly bunch of good guys with nice cars. :D Can we do a drive thru the city after meeting up? pass thru the cross or george st or something? Cruise chinatown? pretty please. :rolleyes:

Farrr 650km round trip, commitment there :lol: where do live if you don't mind me asking.

look up Tuross Head in google maps or earth. I live near Coila Lake.. it's where ACT folk come for holidays. Nice beaches and fishing etc.

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New Sep date up, thinking a little drive from there to Domestic Airport Krispy Kreme,easy to find with enough parking at that time, OR hotdogs at Harry's Tempe..

I was thinking rolling shots in the tunnel on the way to either destination :D

Can decide on the night,just an idea......

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oh crap do i need an e-tag?

No tag needed, I don't have one either. King Georges Rd to Moore Park doesn't need a tag..

If we do tunnel rolling shots we'll need someone with a passenger , discuss on the night... Should be good ;)

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Im halfway thru an interior trim mod, lighting mod and REALLY needing a new clutch.....but id still be keen to come along for another meet somtime....i got to have a look at a sportivo engine bay, theres somthing not quite right with mine ?_? and whats this i hear about a new location....hopefully closer to penrith?!? COMEON!!!!!

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