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How to change the fog light bulbs???


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Hi there everyone,

New to this as of approximately 30 seconds ago so I hope this is how this works...

I have a 2006 Aurion and I am trying to work out how one would hange the fog lamp bulbs.

If anyone can shed some light on the subject (pardon the pun) I would really appreciate your help.



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For your parkers, you will have to remove your wheel, and take off your plastic underneath the fender and wheel well area. Once that is all removed you will have easy access to your parkers. I have a thread on how to do that step by step, somewhere on the forum. But its fairly simple.

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That's really not necessary to change your park lights.

1. Turn your wheel in on the side you're changing (ie. if you're changing the drivers side globe, turn your wheels left, and vice versa).

2. Undo the the clips/bolts that hold the inner guard to fender and bumper.

3. Reach in, find park light, twist until it comes out.

4. Swap old bulb for new one.

5. Replace park light housing and twist to lock in.

6. Replace clips/bolts that hold inner guard to fender and bumper.

Rinse and repeat.

Its that simple. No need for jacking up and removing the wheel and whole inner guard. However it can be fiddly because you can't see what you're doing, so if you have big ape hands like me, you might need to append steps 3 to 5 with "swear profusely".

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Awesome. Thanks heaps DJKOR. How about the parker light? Real tight space for those bad boys.

After spending hours kneeling beside the car getting my hands cut to shreds trying to change my parkers, I decided that no one should ever have to go through that. This method is rather crude but I suppose it's easier than removing the entire bumper.

EDIT: Hidden Taco mentions that it's possible to remove the wheel arch instead of unclipping the bumper according to my guide. I have not tried it but it sounds reasonable.

Okay so, You want to change your parker lights, you'll first need to decide on which lights you want to get (note that blue, red lights are not allowed on vehicles in australia)


I decided to use 5 SMD (surface mounted diode) LED lights(on left of image, right is stock parker)


however, according to DJKOR, these have lifespans as short as 1month, so I did some research and heard from other members here that Philips bluevision parkers have extremely long lifespans (>3 years) so I've ordered a set to replace these when they die.


Now that you've got your replacements, let's begin:

(I used gloves as my hands are in no state to work after picking up the wrong end of a hot soldering iron and spending the afternoon getting lacerations all over my arms trying to figure this out)

1. You'll need a thin flat head screw driver and a spanner. If you're crazy enough to work at night like me, get a work lamp.

2. Turn your wheel all the way till it locks for more space (thanks Buff Hamster)

3. Remove the clips holding the wheel arch in place.


For no.1, you'll need to use the flat head screwdriver to turn it to vertical, then pry it out. No.2 and 3 are slightly different, you'll need to pry out the top cap, then remove the bottom clip.

This is what the clip looks like:


4. Push the wheel arch upwards and you should find a screw just above where no.1 clip used to sit, remove it with the spanner

5. Using reasonable pressure, pull the bumper out of place and push the wheel arch upwards, exposing the back of the headlight assembly. You'll have to maintain pressure for it to stay open.


6. Locate the parker light assembly. To remove, twist and pull. Mine was very stiff and took alot of force to remove.


(Thanks Hidden Taco for the image!)

7. Put in the replacement globe and test it. LEDs have polarity so you may have to flip it over if it doesn't work

8. If it works, put everything back in the same order and you're done! Grab yourself a beer! :yahoo:


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Just get underneath the front of your bumper with a 10mm socket and remove the splash guards. Once those are off, you'll have heaps of space to change your bulbs.

Can I do the above to replace the fog light unit? I assume they are just held on by four screws?


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Just get underneath the front of your bumper with a 10mm socket and remove the splash guards. Once those are off, you'll have heaps of space to change your bulbs.

Can I do the above to replace the fog light unit? I assume they are just held on by four screws?


The fog light assembly itself is secured by either 1 or 2 Phillips head screws. All you need is a #2 Phillips head screwdriver to remove it.

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