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Here's my addition to the rolla section, both car's are far from stock and a ball to flog the crap out of, with a factory redline of over 8200rpm on the green one with a close ratio 5-speed factory LSD transaxle aswell...







The white car is powered by an AE92 MAP sensored 4agze from a japanese Levin GTZ, with the dash, climate control and everything else also transplanted into the car. Suspension is front and rear swaybars, low king springs on KYB gas shocks.. Brakes are AE101 twin piston superstrut calipers on custom slotted 260x25mm discs at the front, with Levin GTZ rear discs. Levin GTZ fully adjustable seats are also featured in this car.

The green one has a 1998 AE111 "Blacktop" 20V 4age, with factory fitted C56 close ratio 5-speed with LSD. The interior is all from a wrecked AE93 Seca SX with custom door pods etc etc etc. Suspension is cusco coilovers with camber plate tops, brakes are the same setup as the white one with whiteline adjustable swaybars front and rear and new poly bushes all round.

edit: ALL work done by me on both car's with the exception of the welding of the exhaust systems as I dont have a TIG yet.

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in Queensland a blue modification plate is required for both conversions along with a certificate detailing what mods have been performed that are not available as factory options, eg the engine, brakes and exhaust had to be "mod-plated" on both of these. The engineer will usually charge a fee based on the number of modifications you have.

I've only got 3rd party fire&theft on both of these cars at about $400pa for the white one, and 300 for the green one. They are not worth enough to me to insure Full comp. If they get damaged AE92 parts are cheap enough for me to sort them out myself and I already have a stockpile of spares for them both... ;)

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How do you go about servicing the car, do it yourself? it just looks like a real compact engine bay you have in the 4agze, must be hard to work on. The air box takes alot of room, did you consider a cold air intake? They look like real sleepers, i like that subtle appearance, neat work :)

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yes, I do all the service work myself... that way I know it get's done properly. I dont trust any dealer service center after the stuffups I've had on my previous new car's while they were under warranty.. (at Toyota, Nissan and Subaru). Both car's get serviced every 5000K's with genuine toyota filters and penrite oil. Both car's already have very good CAI setups aswell into the factory airbox's, which work a LOT better than a pod mounted in the engine bay which is effectively a hot air intake. Both car's have moulded fibreglass scoops in the front bumper that feed the sealed bumper cavity with ram-fed cold air, which has a sealed pipe then running to the factory airbox.

I tried the 20V with the intake pipe running from the airbox all the way to the front bumper where the intake scoop is, and it killed the throttle response along with the cold idle speed (dropped by 700rpm.). With the current setup both car's only get cold air from the front of the car, it can't come from anywhere else, and the resivour of cold air in the bumper cavity which has a short length to the factory box ensures a crisp throttle response.

pics of the setup here:





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Nice engine in the green one, i have a clip of the AE111 BZR dragging a Civic Vti-r in Japan and it was very close right down to the 1/4 mile. I think the BZR pipped the Civic by half a car length. They both ran low 16s so not bad :lol: I bet your green sleeper would be able to run a mid to high 15s with proper setup and launch!

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