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Adamsy's Aurion Sportivo ZR6


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SO thought it was about time i stopped being lazy and posted a thread in this section.

soo it's a 2008 Ex TMCA GSV40 Aurion Sportivo ZR6 in Caribbeam Blue.

Mods include:

- 19x8.5 Advanti Gaunlet Alloys

- 245/35 ZR19 93Y Falken FK452 Diretional Tyres

- Sportivo ZR6 Rear door badging, TRD boot badge

- Genuine Slimline Weathersheilds

- HD-TV/DVD Sat Nav System, USB & Ipod/Iphone Connection with 7" Touch Screen

- Reversing Camera

- Sound System: Front - Rockford Fosgate (P1652S) 6X5 "Punch" Component Splits. Rear - Fushion 6X9 "Power Plant" Component Speakers, Subwoofer - VIBE (Vented Innovative Bass Enclosure) Black Air Bandpass B12 Active enclosure With VIBE Power Box and FastPlug , AMPS & PROCESSORS: POLK PA-D4000.4 4 Channel Amp & MEMPHIS Quasi-Parametric Equalization & Signal Processing :yahoo:

- TRD brake package (325 X32 mm Rotors with twin piston aluminium calipers) with TRD BF-5 high boiling temp brake fluid, Remsa 650 Degree Pads (front) QFM HP-X (rear) & blue Braided Brake Lines

- Peddars eXtreme XA coil over suspension (ride height and rebound/damper adjustable), with rear Extensions & Front and rear Camber Control kits. :toast:

- Davies Craig (PWR) High Flow Oil Cooler for the U660E 6 Speed Sequential Auto Transmission

- K&N "High flow" Panal Air filter

- Ultra Racing Strut Tower Brace, 19 mm Soild Anti-roll Bar & Rear Suspension Chassis Brace

- 2.75 Exhaust system with Straight Through Ultra Flow Mufflers and 4" exit double wall Supercat tips

- Phillips 35w 6000k HID Xennon Projector low beams and Fog lamps, Also LED park lights

- Rear Bumper LED lamps in Red

- Boot LED Strips X3

- Misc LED swaps: Interior lamps, Doors & number plate etc

- Caribbean Blue "V-Bank" Engine cover

- Lower Air Dam Meshed

- TRD Gear Shift knob

- High Gloss Interior Panals

- Series 2 "remapped" transmission ECU

- 5W-30 full Synthetic Valvoline "SYN power" oil and Liqui-Moly oil Addative Products

FUTURE MODS: :yahoo:

- K&N Typhoon SRI Induction kit

- Aurion Interior Illumination package

- Personal Plates ( God Knows what though..)

- Phillips DRL's (Have Them Just Needs Fitting)

- Thai "TRD" Mesh Grill ( Again just needs painting & fitting)

- Maybe something unique from my Japan trip??



























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About time mate :clap: great list of mods you got going there and as jeffy said pics pics lol :yahoo:

Trying to plan a trip to the apple isle sometime next year so hopefully I can see her in person.



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HAHA yeah cheers guys! pics will come I have a few folders full so will pick some good ones and I have a few new ones of the sound system (just had a new VIBE sub put in so she was all apart again so good opportunity to get some happy snaps) and of the rear bar LED's.

Pah: it's actually scary to see the list of mods... although some are only minor she all adds up. No doubt have left something off the list too haha :blink: & yeah it would be great to catch up when you make it over here next year :lol:

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These are the best Aurion mods ive seen in this forum! The exhaust system brake and suspension are top notch! and a sexy ***** lookin car to go with em all :D

Really keen to hear more about the exhaust and mapped ecu! make a big difference power wise?

I was about to dump aload of cash on the toyota but decided to throw 5k into the iload instead.

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Oh Cheers Guys!! You’re all very kind!

She has come up pretty good I’m stoked with it. Great to have something that’s half "unique" that stands out on the road although in Tas that's not too hard :lol: Really couldn’t be happier with it, Seems to get plenty of looks and people seem genuinely interested to know more about it and Aurion in general as most people know little about them. Guess most people interested in cars don’t really consider a Toyota. HAHA yes the brakes are a good thing!! Especially with some good fluid and braided lines, one of my favourite parts of the car :clap:

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For a sh!t giggle lol??

Design work on the GR series family was heavily Lexus based. Also there are several engine plants around the world producing the engine. Initially final assembly for the engine for Aurion didn’t take place at Altona they were” crate" engines produced elsewhere by several Toyota Group Companies facilities and shipped here whole.

But really it’s really a redundant argument whose engine it is because you could also say a LFA V10 is just a Toyota engine because it’s ultra-similar in design and componentry to the TOYOTA TF108/09 series race car Engine and Toyota designers worked on the engine aswell. Same can be said for the ISF V8.

Also the TOYOAT Prius is built in a LEXUS factory by people with L on their shirts and not bull’s horn.. does that make the Prius a Lexus or Toyota??. Who cares??? Want to take it a step further a CT200h Lexus has a “Prius” Powertrain…

Not really with getting into and worrying about too much. Unless it’s trivia time haha :P

On a side note you can also make the Lotus engine cover fit if you’re a little creative.

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Ah, the old Lexus engine chestnut.

You should badge her as a Lexus, to be as awesome as all the blokes in their Chevrolet's.

lol there was a pimped and slammed tarago at work yesterday, had Lexus badges and was running the 3.0 1MZ-FE engine so was most likely a Estima.

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