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MR PSI 213

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Morning Gents !

Ok so After liasing with a representative from my local pedders this is the low down on a few questions I had:

Adjustable xA coil-overs all round + Camber Pins + Control arm adjustments (even necessary?) + Wheel aligment (F&R) + First re-visit after installation I get another free wheel alignment other necessary adjustments all up it was quoted at $2,100

Sports Ryder shocks and sports ryder coil springs all round + camber pins+ wheel aligment + control arm adjustments = $1,850

I have seen in a few other threads that people have had massive quote over - pricing even when just inquiring at different branches of the same company ?

Please shed some light !!


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Going to upgrade to RAYBESTOS removing ALL OEM suspension. The raceshop has used these in the GT-40 and Ferrari because there already light weight! strong, Cold-forged rod for superior strength and stability and Fused polyurethane.and the bushes are equal if not better than WL and Nolathane and a RAYBESTOS polyurethane offset bush with forged crush proof shell is $11 not $270!

I'm about to upgrade:

  1. Sway Bar Link Kits

  2. Stabilizer Bar Links

  3. Complete Arms With Ball Joint; Front and Rear

  4. Caster / Camber Cam Bolt Kit

  5. 17mm Bolts; Double Offset; Up To Plus/Minus 1-1/4 Degree; Front & R Adj camber bolts

total - $340 + $150 for shipping Fed X international Priority

I want a gustemate what it would cost in OEM part?

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Not bad! I have every polyurethane bush under the sun, I was advised by a x f-1 engineer and founder of Supashock suspension that Nolathane and Whiteline are ridiculously overpriced for teenagers with really small brains!!

He sugested Energy polyurethane bushes from the USA, which are identical to the above mentioned but have a better engineering team.

and even better you will struggle to find the Energy kits over $25!!!!!!!!

The guy who runs the show at Whiteline parts "Steve" uses Energy too, figure that out!

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It's funny actually,

Elephant, Pilbeam, PDM all the worlds best bush engineers make bushes by request or have a universal bush that are ultimately as good or better than WL & Nolathane but cost sweet F all!!

unless you have a Ferari or Paganini Zonda.

But in Australia there becomes this ""Magical"" cost involved, LOL!

Good luck with hem control arms by the way, my mate has that brand in his old GTO Phase 3 and swears by them being OEM quality.

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