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Recommend me an Auto Electrician in Adelaide


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My Aw11 has an electric gremlin. The check engine light has come on intermittently in the past and my mechanic has failed to completely diagnose and eradicate it. So can someone please recommend me a good, reliable auto electrician


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The previous code was "code 11" which i think means ECU (B+). I have not re-checked it.

This has not happened in the past 6 months and just did it again last night. My car is not a daily so limited use but had driven it as daily for past 3 days. During this time the car would idle fine at 1000 rpm, but would have trouble in heavier traffic slowing from 50km/h to stops - when engaging clutch to change down gears the rpm would drop as normal but sometimes too far and the car would almost stall (it did twice and would have on other occasions had i not revved it).

I have thought earthing could be a problem, but since this has not happened lately had not worried about it.

Any suggestions would be welcome

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I think you need a solid base to make your diagnosis so make sure you have the right code and be sure what Code 11 is, you should find it on Google.

First up I have minimal experience with Toyota's. The two Camrys I owned did not miss a beat, then I bought RAV's.

Where is your ECU located?

From previous experience with another make/model. Get some electronic contact cleaner and pull the plug(s) off the ecu. Clean up the plug and ecu, dont forget to do the back of the plug (where the wire goes in) this should stop any wicking. It is now part of my regular service schedule after chasing phantom problems for 12 months full time when it was a 5 minute fix all the time. I spent hundreds of $ simply getting the codes read, replacing things that didnt need it, I guess in hind sight I was able to learn a bit about that car.

Let us know what happens.

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Jim's in Wing St at Wingfield is usually busy which is always a sign of a good tradesman. He deals mainly with trucks and heavy machinery. I am unsure if he has all the latest diagnotic tools but he cares about his work and is thorough. Give him a call. At least he will put you on to someone who can help if he is not able to. He seems to know almost everyone in the A/E industry down there. If he can't help go next door to #93 and ask for Lance. I am sure he would have a fair idea who would be worth trying.

I don't think either work on Saturdays though.

Hope this helps.

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