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Changing PCD


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I'd like to ask opinion even though I know how stupid it sounds and how some people are gonna bbq me. But.. Ill still ask anw as I need some insights from experience & knowledge.. + U know, still in the learning process..

Let's assume I know nothing, what's the downside of re-drilling PCD Hole let's say from 5 of 112 to 114.3? Is there any benefit from doing so?

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well this is coming from someone who is running a 22mm spacer,

i wouldn't redrill the holes in the wheels as it reduces the structural integrity and also looks absolutely ridiculous.

you may be better off doing a hub conversion

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What are you drilling rotors or wheels? Either way safety comes into play.

Let's say wheels.

Quite dangerous, get the correct fitment wheels or change the hubs to suit, easier said than done and would take a bit of research.

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