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Mr 2 or Celica???

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im in the process of buying a car and i was wondering what peoples thoughts are. there is a 1999 celica sx and a 1990 mr2


fun and nice to drive


(what i consider) nice colour but seems like an average paint job

may need respray in 5 years give or take

nice wheels with fresh tyres

needs air con re-gas maybe more


give me your thoughts thanks


Needs alot of bodywork(securing properly).

horrible body kit which is in need of a paint bigtime


9 years younger


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The MR2 is definatley a better "driver's car", but less practical obvisouly. Looks is a personal thing. There are a number of other MR2's for sale (not just in Adelaide) that may be worth looking at if that is what you would rather. Personally, once you have driven an MR2 and enjoyed what mid-engined cars are like, I beleive it would be hard to get the same enjoyment from something else. Unfortunately for us owners they are getting older though.

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I would go for the MR2, it seems as though it has been looked after and even better she is giving a road worthy cert which is very vulable with a car of either age. MR2 are hard to work on and engine stuff is a pain, but the body kit on the celica may cause issues as it needs respraying or maybe be hiding something else. Respraying costs a lot. Get the car that has been looked after most which out of these two cars seems to be the MR2. Get both inspected though as they both may need work, and MR2 engines are not fun to work on.

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