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Audio115's 06 aurion


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hey guys thought i'd put up a few photos of the rig as it is at the moment before i start to really modify the vehicle

as the car has;


2006 Toyota Aurion ATX

Rolling stock;

17" 2010 Aurion Sportivo wheels

Stereo components;

2x 12" soundstream picasso DVC 600w RMS Subs

1x 800w Lil wonder soundstream amplifier

Interior Gadgetry;

20% blacked out tint

1 foot 2.2million colour ICELED led bar (boot illumination)

1x blue LED dome light

2x green 1 foot cathode underseat illumination

10% of car soundproofed (boot area)

Wish list;

New headunit, most likely an imitation of the stock one but with more features (;

20" rims

Varex quad pipe exhaust

Critical mass 6x9 speakers all round

Angel eye headlights

HID headlight bulbs

LED Driving lights










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Welcome Mate...

Wanna share how the 06 model ended up having facelift rims? :lol:

I see VIP stickers, so I assume VIP styling? As I can see, your wishlist have been covered in the forum. Check out the FAQ or shoot Qs if you have any.

And I don't see you plan on lowering it in your wishlist. I bet you will...ph34r.gifph34r.gif

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cheers mate,

got given the opportunity from my father who sold a 2010 sportivo to a customer who wanted new rims straight up so dad scored the old ones for me for free :D

yeah the VIP sticker is just a bit of personal flair for now, being a p plater i dont want the vehicle to stand out too much just yet haha

no plans to lower as through what i've read on the forum so far and seen in person, once the vehicle is sitting on 20's there isnt much room haha

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I won't say anything too much as it'll grow naturally.. :lol:

Oh.. Good on ya.. Although it's not gonna make much difference once the 20s come out anw. :whistling.gifwhistling.gif

Anw, looking forward to see your build. White is definitely a popular colour amongst the crowd. toast.gif

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yeah the subs go pretty hard (: still a few rattles here and there but no where near as many, although i half ****d the dynamat its not fully done yet

just had a look at the audiovisual Camry manual and the instructions for removing the doors gave me a little inspiration to use some of the cathodes i had under the seats for a better purpose;

Hopefully this a unique mod, i haven't seen it on other Aurions yet



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  • 2 months later...

So it's been a little while since i updated this but heres whats new...

•K&N SRI Typhoon Intake installed

•[iNCOMPLETE] Ultra Violet Reactive sleeving of engine bay hoses

•Chrome Door Handle covers installed (well stuck on (; )

Yeah i know my engine bay's a little dirty, but it 'aint exactly easy to maintain when you do 400+kms a week






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  • 6 months later...

Hey guys its been 6 months since i updated the info on my ride; not a lot has been happening but might as well keep you guys up to speed...

after buying two separate sets of fog & HID lights off eBay - all of wich were DOA i decided that fog lights and HIDs can wait till a later date

Actual Changes


• Amplifier moved under passenger seat (Regretting that **** BIGTIME!!!!)

• New 8" Touch screen Head unit with Bluetooth,TV And GPS installed

• 500W Continuous power AC inverter installed

• Playstation 3 Unit installed (Planning to fibreglass it into the tray part of the Parcel shelf)

• ICELED 1Foot 2.2Million colour led tube installed in boot

• ICELED ZAP+ Controller




Multimedia Plans:

• I received a Brand new Soundstream TX 1.2000D Monoblock amplifier

• Waiting for cash flow to allow me to buy T6 Tarantula 15" subwoofers X2

• Create Leather Wrapped Fibreglass door Partials


Added a Couple of Stickers and other random visual aspects





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why is moving the amp underneath the seat a problem ?

Because the amp is collecting quite a lot of dust and cant be cleaned without removing the entire seat - which i dont have time to do often

and given the size of the amplifier there isnt enough ventilation to keep it cool so it enters protection on a good 30 degree day, and we've had quite a few of those recently

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