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Hi all!!!

My name is Mitch, im based in Brisbane and i thought i'd join my first car site considering i might need some guidance with what im planning on doing my Celica.

My first car ever was an 86 Corolla sedan, threw a webber on and a 2.5inch exhaust, painted it bright orange with a black bonnet then put a huge TRD stickcer on..... yeah yeah i know i was 17!

The next car was an 89 Corolla hatch 16v, then i converted it to a 20valve silver top but ran out of funds to maintain it so i had to sell it which leads to the car i own now...

I have an 1996 SX Celica. While i was at basic training for the Army my best mate installed fully customisable coil overs, 19 inch wheels and a pod filter. Nothing to crazy but when i finished up training i recieved a full custome radiant ebony mica paint job from my best mate at TSX auto styling on the gold coast. Before i got the car painted i removed the rear spoiler, wiper and badges. made the car look slick with a supra like rear end.

I have raced it at lakeside raceway and recieved a best time of 1:09:37. Really good fun to drive with excellent handeling and braking and im only 5 seconds slower than stock R34s :)

Im weeks away from going on a 6 month deployment but when i get back the plan is.... to take the celica off the road, gut it and turn it into a track car. BUT the catch is i eventually want to turn it into AWD. Ive done some research and figured it to be a fun idea :)

Looking forward to learning how things work on here :)

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