2007 (and up) Camrys Highway fuel consumption

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Im in the market for a camry Altise 2007 model or higher with a budget of $15000.

Im only concerned with fuel usage being on highways all the time.

Ive been looking at the :

ALTISE "ACV40" (5spd 4cyl Auto) series

How does the above model compare to other toyota V6's? in terms on fuel consumption when on the highways? as i have to travel everyday on highways for work.

I do like the ALTISE (2007 models & up) as long as they are still ok on the highway everyday without using heaps of fuel.

Thanks for any feedback,



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The books quote 8.9L/100Km for manual and 9.9L/100Km for auto, for combined urban/extra urban driving.

I drive 80kms a day (80-100Km/h zones)with 4 sets of traffic lights and my average is between 7.4 and 7.7L/100.

Around town my car averages about 10-11L/100Km.

I have an auto.

Just don't use E10, for 1.5-3% cheaper fuel, my car used 10% more fuel.

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Thanks for that, exactly the info i was after..


7.4L-7.7L is with a few hills.

On the motorway (which is fairly level) and cruising at 110Km/h (with A/C on) 2 adults and 3 kids and usually averages 6.7L-7.2L/100

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Would have to concur with the two above, and mine is a manual. Best I've ever gotten would be around 800km a tank, that was when I went to Brisbane for last year's annual meet. Around town it is in the 10-11lt mark and that's not driving like a total grandma either, freeway I usually average the low 7's e.g. a trip from Bendigo to Melbourne, Bendigo to Bright.

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