ZRE152 dash/console lights

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Heey guys!

So for awhile now i've been wanting to get rid of these ugly orange coloured console lights and get a blue theme happening with the console/dash. I've been to a few auto electricians and been told it's not possible apparently the LED globes will not fit and painting the current globes blue will not give out a perfect light.

I've also been qouted between $200-220 for this to be done who say they can do this..

Need some advice before I even open my wallet/attempt to do myself/or whatever, just a head ups :)


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I think there's someone here who already did it.. I forgot who.. but he's fairly new, ill check when i get to y computer,

Edit: nvm.. its the exact link posted up there

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Brendan you sure you deff need to do a " lightbuld/led " swap?

Toyota is very crafty about the way it lights up it's dashes . (prolly all cars are now)

Just check first to see if you can do somthing like this.

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