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Help with CD player


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G'day all!

I've got an '08 Yaris, and I recently bought the CD player unit of an '11 Aurion (attached) - mainly because of the Bluetooth functionality.

All the functionalities are working just as expected, only for the CD. The unit says its a 6 CD stacker, has the load/eject buttons, the CD slot and MP3/WMA sticker as per usual... but I can't insert a disk at all! :blink:

I pulled out the standard Yaris single CD unit, and used the existing wiring harness. When I hold the LOAD button on this new unit for 2 secs, there is noise from inside the unit (like motor running in a CD player), but the CD slot still appears blocked off. I thought there would be a door that moves away while inserting a CD, but I am not sure if that is the way these stackers work to prevent accidental insertions. Any clue what may be wrong? Would the old harness not be the proper one for the new unit? Would much appreciate your advise.

By the way, my car does not have any boot/glove box stacker unit... and I don't need one, do I? My understanding is this unit should hold 6 disks. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you.



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When you hit that load button it will make like a shuffle sounds for few secs, what the display on screen it will tell you when to load the cd.

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Your cd player is slot loading, therefore there is no door opening.

Just insert cd when player tells you, press insert if there is more blank position and it will tell you to insert again until it is full.

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