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Toyota Camry / Aurion GPS Unit


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DJKOR: This Group Buy has moderator approval.

I've recently come across an Aftermarket DVD/GPS unit for the Toyota Camry (06-11) and Aurion (07-11) as per the discussion and review here

Due to the interest generated I've decided to organise a group buy for interested members, with a discount in the vicinity of 10% from the seller located here in Brisbane.

The pricing is as follows

Basic Unit (+ external Microphone) - $560

Reverse Camera - $35

Digital TV Tuner - $85

Warranty - 12 months local

Registered Post Australia wide is $16.50 although local pickup is available. To obtain the above pricing a minimum of 5 buyers is required.

Payment will be by Paypal. Buyers will need to specify what optional extras they want from the above list and a postage address if applicable. I will then pass this information and payment onto the seller who will distribute the units.

Please only register interest here and keep questions/discussion to the above linked thread. I'll be closing this group buy on January 20th and will require complete payment from all buyers by the 25th (details will be sent via PM).

I'll be seeing the seller (George) tomorrow morning around 10am I'll be updating this thread will more information regarding the units specifications etc by mid-late tomorrow afternoon.

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I'm 100% committed to this, due to recent financial loss (a 70-200 f4L IS), I can't afford to get this until next pay day or tax return comes in (whichever first). My pay comes in on the 24th so I can pay by the deadline (although wish I could pay sooner ot help get the ball rolling for everyone).

I will want the unit + reverse camera.

Shipping for me will go to 3150 Glen Waverley (will PM my address when needed).


Edit: This thing does integrate with the existing steering wheel controlls right?

Edit #2: Actually, I can lay out the cash for this thing anytime.

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Also what does local warranty mean?

I'm not the seller, but I assume local warranty means that warranty matters are dealt with (repair or replecement) in Australia and not shipped to China etc.

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Bloody long day but I'll answer a few questions now

It does integrate with the steering controls, but you need to "teach" them inside the setting menu. Only need to be set once unless you wish to change what a particular button does

Shipping to NZ is about $75. Local warranty means Australia, ie it only needs to be sent to the seller here in Brisbane which means lower postage cost and very fast turn around time (normally a few days, rather than several weeks)

The unit also fits all Gen 6 Camrys (ie 2006 - 2011)

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Bloody long day but I'll answer a few questions now

It does integrate with the steering controls, but you need to "teach" them inside the setting menu.

Thanks mate, sounds good.

I'm all ready. Will watch this thread.

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Just confirming that the money will be hitting my account by Monday at the latest (have to transfer it out of a non-linked account, could take a few days)

So I'm in for the group buy!

Unfortunately, I'm in Sydney, so local pickup isn't an option :P

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I'm new to this forum but i've been following the "Aurion Navigation head unit discussion". I'll be in on the group buy just for the Basic Unit (+ external Microphone). I have the money available now. I live in Victoria so cant do pickup.

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Will be sending out PMs to each buyer over the next few days with detailed instructions etc.

Payment still required by the 25th but I won't be making payment to George until the Thursday so their is a small bit of play there.

Group buy will not go forward until at least 5 buyers have made payment - If people pull out come payment time and we don't get 5 buyers all money will be refunded.

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