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in answer to all questions

the gear box just started refusing to shift down in to second.

i took it to toyota explaining that i drove with spirit thus the race suspension setup and air flow mods.

they were just thinking it was 2nd synchro as was i. i didn't have a problem with any other gears.

when they pulled it apart they found chipped teeth on several gears. and 2nd synchro was bad. (keep in mind toyota use mineral gearbox oil)

I have never had a problem with shifting up until last week (i have a good reason why last week but cannot elaborate at present). i could nurse it back down into second but couldn't shift natural like i used to.

next mod if i could be bothered will be C-ONE cross mission (5 grand is a bit much though). or racing gear box

or more importantly an EDGL honda civic.

All warranty as toyota penrith are very good blokes and helpful always have.

this all after 70,000 kays.

thank you for your concern.

told them about the clutch and that the reason i had installed it was to protect my gear box from the shifting problems well known with the car - in reality it shouldn't cause any problems cept for quicker disengage which would maybe not help gear slowing/synchro work load increase but they were cool. if i choose to put a better clutch in it should be no problem - i thought a racing clutch might be a bit different but they were cool about it.

get the car back tomorrow. I will comment again then

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Hey influx

i called you saturday......

I hope your car gets better, we have unfinished business..............

My car is getting a retune finally

What are you doing in 2 weeks time?

Yeah i just realised my inbox was full ohh wells


Hope we can do battle once again.

BY the way, i took my stock clutch out, and it's a EXEDy clutch as well

so it should be the same part but better materials, that's the hassle

and YES penrith toyota is GREAT very nice people

but wait there's more

DON"T betray the family. Stick with the toyota it has a greater purpose in life

GOod work..

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i will keep the 123r for the street. and the b16a for the track. we don't have unfinished buisness we have more buisness but until you mae you car handle through the mountains then as far as i am concerned we have no buisness.

in a straight line means not much to me. :P

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