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NSW (SYD): spotted a GEN 4 Camry in epping with 17" TSW Wheels.....

anyone from here?

spotting yourself doesnt count :lol:

but yeah, a Camry spotted thread is a good idea B)

the problem is there is hardly any Camry owners here, so the chances of seeing each other will be pretty slim :unsure:

but regardless it is still nice to hear that there are some nice looking Camrys out there :D

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spotted a 2005 Camry Grande, Black, 17" Toyota Assessory Rims, Blue Xenon type bulbs, you also had your fog lights on too :P

driving along The Boulevarde in Strathfield, headed towards the Train Station. at about 8:00pm tonight (14/09/05).

i think it might be this guy :lol:


i dont think he is on here though...

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yep thats not him......

oh well........ it was nice looking at that person's car  :P

what do you mean?

it could very well be the same guy in that cardomain page...

the car i saw looked exactly the same, and he is in Sydney too...

and there cant be that many Camry Grandes with those combinations of accessories at the moment :lol:

so there is definately a possiblity ;) im about 80% sure it was him :blink:

anyway, maybe we should somehow invite him onto this forum B)

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next time read the license plate number  :P

well reading the number plate in this case would not have mattered.

since there is no number plate shown in the cardomain page to compare to.

so what good would a plate number have done? :rolleyes:

Edited by Terry
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SPOTTED...(EPPING) light blue Gen 4 Camry with GTP bodykit (front n side skirts but rear dont knw what he was using for rear skirts) with GTP spoiler. huge exhaust and automatic......

anyone from here??? all i know he was speeding thru pennant hills road :P and going towards Castle Hill :D


the camry was using this rear bumper (with normal lights)

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Hey everyone, well....Terry, you may have spotted a certain car in Strathfield on that day, but it couldn't have been me, cause i do not turn on my fog lights, unless it was bucketing down, or foggy, which i believe was not. I've spotted two other Black Camry Grande's in NSW on the road. (AMP 777 and TOP 188). I'll see if i can spot you one day, give us a honk if u run in2 me, but expect me to just stare at you and look at you silly for honking..... haha. laters.

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Excellent, Camry spotting except im a Perth based camry and most u guys are Eastern States based oh well the only camry ill be spotting is Perth Camry.

By the way i was told by a toyota dealer in WA that toyota arent making the sportivos anymore after 06 :( can anyone shed some light onto this?

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hey u54mot, this could be you :lol:

2005 Camry Grande, Black, 17" Accessory Wheels, Bluey Headlights On.

parked in Homebush Boys High School Car Park, 4:20pm today (27/09/05).

with some young looking asian guy behind the wheel :P

didnt get a plate number though...

if it was you, i was the guy in the Gold Sportivo V6 that dropped my sister off and did a uturn in front you, and gave you a questioning look :lol:

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Heya Terry,

So Silly!......i see you(and your car) every week!(and yeah i just realised who you were cause of you're plates....blah.....can't believe that you've been posting all this...and not knowing who you're talking to(and me as well)....keke)

Haha.....and you've never noticed a black camry parked there before.



I saw another black camry grande in chatswood the other day.

(Black Camry Grande Spotted = 3.....haha)

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yes i know, oldish thread :lol:

but thought id mention another spotting :P

Sydney: Gen5 Altise, Sportivo Kit (Accessory), Sportivo Grill, current model Avalon Grande Rims, Gold Colour (same as my car)

city bound on Parramatta Rd, around Leichhardt, about 4pm yesterday (01/11/05)

i was going the opposite direction.

ive seen them a few times...doubt it is anybody here, but worth a mention ;)

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anyone here own the 2.2 Toyota Gracia (camry imported from Japan) ??

very funny, looking at a GEN 4 Camry (imported from Japan) with 2 built in Fog lights and also a Rear Wiper :o (it was a sedan and got a Rear wiper) looks something like that from the front (without the front lip)


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silver camry sportivo

trd badge at the back

plate number SIG - ***

i wanna ask the owner...is that old lady the owner?

if so....y the trd badge? lol

if not..


looks bad..old lady in a trd represented car

lol... if that car had a bigger spoiler (I think Trd/Sportivo spoiler).. and it was an asian lady driving i know whos car that is... my cusin! and yes its my auntys car lol

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