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Watch out - Police is on us car modifications NOW

ben yip

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In South Sydney La Perouse, police picking up defects

For people with muffler that got a switch to turn it loud, they call it sneaky in the the 4:40

There was a Golf with stock wheels, but the door handles at the back are missing, not sure why he get towed

I really hope they dun pick me up

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Alotta resourses being uses for so little gain really. Publicity stunt on soft targets. Commish says "Lets call ACA make a big story" ...woot!

Can't really blaim the poor saps in blue who are just following orders.

I hear gun sots being sprayed into houses and shops every other week in this area....... been going on for months ..... it would be nice to see just ONE of those cop cars patroling our local areas of a night.........

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