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Help needed, will 20x9.5 fit ?


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OK, go easy, im new

Im just about to purchase a 2008 camry, and i will be fitting it out with BC coilovers. And also i will roll the guards as much as possible ( i hear the metal is quite soft)

Im looking at a few rims from the states, but im unsure of what sizes i can go and what offsets i need to be looking at.

For the front im looking at 20x8.5 with +35 offset (seems pretty standard from all the searching ive done)

For the rears, can i fit 20x9.5 with the above mods, and what offset would i need. Or would i have to lip the guards a bit.

I will stretch the tyres a litlle bit to help too. 235/30 on rears maybe?

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9.5'' should be fine. i'm guessing an offset of 30 or more would be good. less hassle involved with rolling etc. i've got 225's on my 9" and there's not much stretch at all...

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9.5 +30 will give you some degree of poke.

Look through my thread. I fit 9.5 +22 once and had that much poke. Just imagine it 8mm less poke an there you go. Need a bit of camber and a 235/30 will be fine. But If it were me, I wouldn't even bother attempting to have a bit of stretch on a 30 profile. But then again the tyre you choose also plays apart in the stretch

If you want less hassle, get same specs as the front.

I should just make a Camry Fitment thread -.-

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Stance SC-5ive

The 10's have a nice concave curve to them, the 9's are ok, but the 8's look like they might be a bit flat. So my main choice will prob be...

MRR GT1. At least even 8's have a slight dish. But after checking, i found out that both rims dont come in 9.5, only 8.5, 9, 10.

Im only looking on ebay at the mo.


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You would think so. But depends on the brand/type

When I got my ssr I was doing shoulder excersizes with them easily without any effort. Much lighter than stock.

Pilllow; just something to think about, if you're gonna run Fitment your wheels will take a beating especially here with our roads. Poor quality wheels/"fake" wheels will buckle and crack. I've seen it and heard of it happening. If I had poor quality wheels, 100% they would of cracked or buckled by now. Just some food for thought

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If i was worried about acceleration, i wouldnt have brought a camry. :blush:

What do you mean by "fitment"......stretch?

I can see where you are coming from in regards to inferior products, and working with such low profiles. But you would think that the american made stuff would be ok. I just came back from there, and some of there roads are crap. Theres no way i would own a stiffened car with big rims. And some of these guys are running +30 inch's !!!!


I do understand the risks though, and its just one of those things i guess. If it becomes a major burden, i would look into 19's. Im based in Perth, so hopefully our roads are better than yours....i doubt it.

Any other rims out there that would look good? Im allowing myself up to $3k with tyres. Obviously anything cheaper would be a bonus.

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Well i didn't meant it like 0-60 in 5.6 seconds. Lining up with a Corolla accent and normal taking off from red light (not flooring it) i feel the camry needs to do more work to get ahead of the Corolla.

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Look at yahoo jap auctions. Second hand wheels but genuine products. This is what someone told me;

"you can run fitment with fake wheels, but thats just it. There is no substance behind it. People who know whats up wont look at you twice. And that's how we separate the show ponies from the real players."

The roads in the states are pretty bad and that's why you hear heaps of stories about people buckling and causing hair line cracks in their wheels. That being said, it happens here too.

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With the way drivers "take off" from the lights here, i dont think i will have a problem keeping up. Thanks for reminding me to get a set of air horns though.

I will check out the jap auctions, but im sensing i might find some crazy offsets. (i dont mind being a faker) Good from far, but far from good, is my motto.

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