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Noodlez's zre face lift and e30 318is Page 1 updated


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hey guys,

so recently i got the new zre for christmas smile.png and i love it to bits but its stock tongue.png mods are comming soon, planing on getting a set of coil overs and some wheels smile.png probs some bbs's but for now its stock

how it looks now


its now been a year and the car now looks like this


IMG_8873 by Noodlez_B, on Flickr

Current mods

bc br coilovers

ez front lip

cusco strut bar

nissan skyline wheels

future mods

kmac rear sway

oem levin zr side skirts

trd chassis dampaners

jdm badges

different wheels

and then i have my bmw track car

bmw 318is

m20 engine conversion 294 cams lightweight fly wheel

H&R coilovers and whiteline sway bars

willwood brakes

simmons v4 rims 16x8.5 at the back 16.8 fronts (no idea what the ofset are haha)

sparco corsa seats and williams harness








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audio inside a track car? that is luxury

You are only 16 years old, have you driven that BMW on the track?

do you have your build thread for your e30

which m20 are you converting, 2.0, 2.3 2.5 or 2.7

What is your (or your dad) PB so far for that car in Wakefield Park

I know a guy using E30 M20 2.5, doing 1:13, I lost most the time to him due to his RWD layout when he exists the corner

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Nice rides youve got there. do you have any more info and pics of the E30? Was it your daily before? Somewhere deep inside i have a soft spot for those cars :)

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yeh man it use to be a daily :P but now im lucky if i even get to drive it once a month ahhaha and all the info is pree much there ay :P not much to it, it simple ahhaha and there such a good car ay :) i reckon one of the best cars bmw have ever made ahhaah, there is a little update on it but the front spoiler and fog lights arrives from america today



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small update on the e30,

got a front lip and fog lights :)




and gave the auris her first clay, wax and polish :).. its sooo shiney haahah






my aunty also happen to get me the best shirt from the uk :)


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I agree on the E30, defs the best car BMW made and in a close second the 135i turbo coupe thing. Awesome cars!

They go really well with just a few mods done to them and the way they handle is just fantastic. I almost bought one instead of my Twinky and i was planning to eventually put a 1UZ in there once i was on my full licence, maybe before... :ninja:

Your car looks great, keen to see pics of the lip and foggies installed ;)

Corolla is so clean, so shiny

Nice shirt too! :)

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hahaha thanks bro :P yeh im pree happy with the bmw :) and dad was thinking of getting a 135 :P go a kart instead :P

and i think the lip is gonna get painted white before we put it on :)) hope we get it done before i die :P the car has been sitting in the garage for lile 2 months -.-

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Auris is lookin cool Noodlez but i'm totally in love with your bmw mate! :wub:

I brought one a few years back but was too broke to do anything with it back then, broke my hart to let it go.

Also had a mate Nick with one just like yours and what a drivers car they are! he also was into go karts!

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