Toby Imhoff

Intermittent Starting Problem -'96 Celica

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Hey guys,

Im having some starting issues with my 1996 celica - now and then, it doesnt want to start. the problem doesnt seem to come at any particular time (hot/cold etc). sometimes lasts for a day or two, and sometimes starts on the 3rd or 4th crank. when running, it doesnt miss a beat.

When i try to start, the engine turns over no problem, however it doesnt fire and start. i AM getting good spark from all my plugs, the distibutor is clean and dry ( less than a year old). Hence ive ruled out spark being the problem...

i have looked through the fuel system - all filters clean, and pump seems fine.

one question for anyone that knows - should the fuel pump try to prime the lines once they key is on, or does it just start when the engine is turning over? i cracked the bleed off screw expecting the pump to start and try to pressurize the lines, but nothing happened.... normal?

aside from that, with the engine turning over, i am getting fuel pumping through the lines to the secondary filter...

could it be stopping at the fuel rail?

air system, obviously, is fine.

my next thought is either computer or some mongrel sensor having issues.....

has anyone had a similar problem? or any suggestions? ill take anything i can get atm!


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That normal with the fuel lines.

I would suggest looking into

  • battery
  • starter motor

Good luck

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cheers for the idea.

i had a look, but no problems with the battery...even tried another one to be sure - same thing happens.

as for the starter, the engine is trying crank the starter is spinning up....

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