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Late 2009 Hilux SR KUN16R DC Ute 2x4


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Hi all. Hope y'all can give me some help re side steps for my ute. Can't get a part number from Toyota or google.

I am after some 2nd hand ones. I have had a look on ebay but have no idea if the ones off an SR5 will fit the SR. Am also after a nudge or bull bar but having the same trouble.

Anyone out there in Toyota/Hilux land have any idea of what will fit or what is compatible ?

Thanks heaps, Sel (Newbie!!)

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Hi SEL,Nice to meet ya, I too have a SR Hilux Dual Cab and yes mate the Side steps,nudge bar are a simple bolt on from A SR5 onto a SR.

When I fitted the side steps on my SR as long as you get the brackets which are rivetted on to the side steps they will bolt straight onto your vehicle as the mounting brackets are all ready in place .All you need to get is some 12mm bolts,

I picked mine up for $150.00 from memory and when I enquired from toyota they were something rediculous like $500.00 per side but I dont think you can buy them off Toyota as they mentioned something about a deleted Item,(try another dealership and ask them in person) not over the phone because they know as soon as they tell you the price you will most likely say thank you and hang up. But honestly mate dont buy new ones as the price you can pick up a nice,clean, straight OEM pair for,you will save a motsa,samee goes for the nudge bar. 4WD & 2WD same deal.

Try a few wreckers (more so regional than metro) or even dealers as some people remove these items at time of delivery

Take care mate,


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