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Faded black plastic on bumper. SOLVED.


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Hi guys, as you know the black plastic on your bumper is not that shiny even with products such as meguiars plastic trim detailer, and not even that lasts long. I have the solution! I basically clear coated the black section on the bumper and it is an amazing result. Took some time but i managed to get it right. All you will need is a good quality clear coat paint such as 3M plastic clear coat. Some 1000-2000 grit wet and dry paper, plenty of clean water and some meguiars swirl remover.

Step 1. Sand your plastic down with 1000 grit to get rid of light scratches and stone chips. (don't use rough sandpaper as you will scratch the plastic even more)

Step 2. when you are happy with the smooth faded finish, clean the section with dish washing detergent or a concentrated solvent (like CT-18)

Step 3. tape up your area and cover the car to prevent overspray ( if your car does get over spray just remove it with wax & grease remover and then clay bar it and polish)

Step 4. Start of with a light coat and then apply about 3 extra heavier coats (at 15 minute intervals). Once the paint is dry (most probably in 24 hrs) you would probably notice that your finish is a little lumpy and not that smooth. This is where we sand.

Step 5. Get your 2000 grit paper with water and start sanding your finish down and focus on imperfections like bumps and make it as smooth as possible. (this step takes a long time)

Step 6. Get a light cutting compound like meguiars swirl remover and thoroughly polish the faded clear coat out, apply preasure by hand and really work it in. You can use a dual action polisher which work very well.




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Looks great! Love that black glass shine to it! You'll love the look once you've done the rest of the parts and its all complete. I did something similar with mine (excepts mine was black metallic color matched to the grille) and I'm stoked with the finished look.

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