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Gen4.5 Camry - Its unique, just like everyone elses!


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Hmm I just realised that I havent put many pics of the car here yet. So here is kinda a build up. Except I dont have a picture of it before I started the mods lol so I "borrowed" this picture to use.


Bought the car when it was 1 year old with only 11000km on the clock! Drove the car in stock form for about 2 years before the modding bug bit. First came the wheels and superlows. I got sick of seeing the huge gap in the guards.


It changed the way it handles but decided to make it better after finding one of these going cheap on ebay! This completely changed the way it handles! No more understeer...


Then I was introduced to my toyota contact through my friend and he sourced a Genuine Toyota Australia GTP kit for me. I was initially going to import a second hand TRD kit over but this was way cheaper and I like the look of it more as well.


Red calipers too!


Then with all the talk about how cool HID's were on TN, I decided to buy some of these for the mod. Didnt want to just do the plug and play thing and annoy everyone else on the road. (one of my pet hates!)


And cut a nice big hole in the back to fit the Lexus RX330 projectors into them


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Back on the car they go.




With them on!


Nicely defined cutoff! Ignore the slanty-ness due to the carpark not being flat and crappy camera phone quality night pic.


Also had an exhaust shop redo my Y-Pipe



After - I know it not the prettiest, or equal lengths :P but it seems to work well enough.


Then came something special :) Whine whine whine or whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee


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Stereo wise now after several upgrades

Dynaudio Esotars up front with 1 Tru Technology T2.100 running per side

Image Dynamics IDMax with the Tru Technology Hammer H1 running it







Basic install stayed the same, just different positions and then different equipment.

Then came the 5sp swap after breaking the auto box for the second time


TRD short shifter with genuine TRD gear knob


Imported a TRD muffler for added noise



Then a big brake kit using Supra TT rotors and Camry Twin piston caliper upgrade and smaller pulley for extra boost. FUN times!



Then the fun really began and got my Quaife LSD to stop the car doing single wheel peels lol


Also this completely transformed the car's handling where you can power out of corners like a bat out of hell without worrying about understeering and wheelspins.

Only camry in aust that I know of with a quaife LSD !

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Only Gen4 camry that is black in aus that I know of!


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Mmmmm. Certainly the most unique Gen 4 I know of. Looking forward to seeing this in person soon. It will be like seeing a new car again.

Good to see you now have yourself a thread Anthony.

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Thanks guys, now i just need to buy some shares in a detailing company lol...

John, it depends how much you love the car as it is a heck of a lot of money modding. I could have bought my car a couple times over now with the money i've spent on it

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Very nice,makes them wheels pop....awesome job Anthony,she is one of a kind in so many ways now. :)

twin exhaust with some black mufflers and black tips would work...IMHO of course :)



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It isn't a pearl paint, just plain deep gloss black. That was just a plain wash, no waxing or detailing after. Getting it a complete detail by a professional soon before I seal and wax the fresh coat.

My clean sparkly look lasted 24hrs... Now there is GAZILLION specks of dust everywhere...

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