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AVN options and integration to reversing camera


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Hello All.

It’s time to say goodbye to the Camry, so I had a look around and have settled on a Kluger KX-S AWD. Have read pretty much every post in this section over the last three weeks, so am fairly comfortable with most of the extra options that I’m going to add. The only outstanding thing is what aftermarket AVN unit to put in.

I’ve currently got an AVN from DigOptions in the Camry that I detailed in a post in the Camry section, as well as one in SWMBO’s Corolla. Fairly happy with both units and their functionality, but looking at what options are available for the Kluger.

I’ve done a fair bit of digging around and come up with a bit of a list that I would appreciate some comments on. Since the KX-S has a “normal” double din head unit, most of these options should slot right in, possibly with the assistance of some fascia plates to make things look nice and neat. Steering wheel integration is an absolute must. I don’t have an iPhone (or any other iProducts), so that doesn’t rate at all in my decision making. Most of my media is brought into the car on USB flash drives.

The other thing I should mention is that this car will be under a novated lease, which means that the unit needs to be installed before I take delivery of the vehicle. I can’t add it later, so I need to decide on the unit and get the dealer to install it as part of the vehicle purchase.

One final question: what are people’s opinions of the stock reversing camera? I’m considering getting it hooked up the AVN unit (which may require a “voltage reducer”) or getting an aftermarket one. Has anyone tried either of these options?

Thanks heaps in advance – and for all the incredibly useful information already here.

AVN Options for the Kluger


FlyAudio unit, well documented on this forum



~ $1,600 including hazard switch assembly

Dig Options


$489 delivered

Eclipse (Fujitsu Ten)



~ $2,100 installed



Toyota MultiMedia System Q2T


RRP ~$1,200

Q222 MultiMedia System


RRP ~$1,099







~ $1,798.85 (Ryda)



~ $1,438.85 (Ryda)

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AVN 827GA. It is very easy to use, from an installation point of view hooking up the steering wheel controls is a piece of cake just 2 wires no need for other module and to program. Im not 100% sure on the 827 but on the 726 which was previous avn model you could use the factory camera harness and solder on eclipse camera plug on. Also the nav software in avn is one of the best on market .

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Thanks arc. The 827GA certainly seems to be the pick of the lot, although it also has the price to match.

As a side note, just got back today to Sydney from Jervis Bay (180km one way) and we had the Dig Options unit in the Camry hooked up to a 4GB USB flash drive playing mp3s in the background while guiding the way. While it isn't the swishest of units, it didn't skip a beat throughout our trip. Just makes me wonder if its worth the extra money to get any of the more expensive units.

Any other comments on the other units or reversing camera integration?

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After a bit more research and digging, I've settled on getting the Clarion NX501 installed to replace the factory unit, as well as another camera to complement it. Installation is scheduled for late April, so I'll post more details (as well as photos and a review) then.

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Any one have avn827ga wiring digaram

i have this set without any cable

i need to konw the place of every wire

cam vedio voice command  every thing

not this pic

i need it in detail

thank you

this my email



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