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Hilux 2.8D wont start

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So I parked my Hilux the other day like always... next day... wont start... motor just turns over without even a hint of starting.

What could be going on here? Fuel pump? I already had the seals replaced a while back and its not leaking.

Any ideas?

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Well today I went out.. like the last couple of days.. and tried to start it.. I waited just a little longer after the glow plug light went out before trying starting it, and it coughed to life.. I am a happy hilux owner once again. :)

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Sounds to me your glow plugs are on there way out. When I had my hilux I had the same problem .

She wind over but woundnt start. I took mine auto electrician and turned out that one of the glow plugs was completly burnt out.

Im not sure if one glows out they all dont work im not sure . A mechanic or a auto electrician will be able to help you.

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Wont start again.. surprise. Can any diesel experts out there suggest a test for the glow plugs? Or should a diesel start eventually without them working? I was under the impression that glow plugs were for cold starts, I know on some hot days I'd just turn the key absent mindedly without waiting for the glow plug light to go out and it starts straight away.

Since the car is at home, Im trying to work out the problem myself first, before a costly callout visit from an electrician.

I guess something has to go wrong after 400,000kms..

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Bugger mate.

Sorry to hear its your fuel pump mate.

I was hoping it wasnt your fuel pump when you first posted this topic,are well I guess after 400000kms things need replacing. Was the fuel pump ever replaced or serviced before if not you have had a good run out of it.

The glow plugs are for cold starts, but even in summer when engine first started up or when cold you will still have to use your glow plugs. It some times possible to start a engine with out glow plugs, but you can burn the starter motor out or flatten the battery, somtimes its possible start diesel in winter with out glow plugs by pouring hot water along your fuel line but only as last resort, I wouldnt recomend it personly.

If it was my hilux mate I replace the glow plugs as well, you dont want bits of broken tips off the plugs falling in to the engine.

Cheers croco

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I had some seals replaced in it 4 years ago, but not the major overhaul which costs the big $ though.

Surely I couldnt be lucky enough that its the same seals that have gone again. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

At least last time it would start, even with diesel leaking everywhere, this time no start.. I understand that diesel pumps need to be timed or some such thing, which isnt something I could do. So its going to need towing to a mechanic.

I was told the seals go more often in Australian diesels because of the crap quality of the fuel we get.

Thanks croco, I will look at replacing the plugs too. 400k is a good run, I imagine it will keep going for a lot longer after the pumps fixed.

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Good news! She is going again.. after checking the pump solenoid was ok, and it was getting power, the old man and I determined no fuel was even making it to the pump.. so we connected up a bottle with some diesel to the line going into the pump and she started! After it started we jammed the fuel line hose back into the primer/filter and it continues to run.. after all my concerns it seems it was only airlock or whatever stopping the fuel getting to the pump.

Happy days.

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Thats excellent news mate.

When did you replace your fuel filter last, im not sure if thats your problem or not I guess its worth a look, any way fingers crossed that its only somthing minor.

Good luck.

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I am not proud to say in the last 100,000km I havent changed the fuel filter.. however on monday I will be buying one asap.

I have drained the tank many months ago and it was all clear. No excuses for my laziness in replacing the fuel filter tho.

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