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New tyres for 2005 Echo


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Hi all

Re new tyres - 175/65R14 for my Echos sedan. Looking at Bridgestone Ecopia ($115 fitted, with $50 fuel card).Also had a quote for Goodyear Assurance ($110 fitted). Prepared to go slightly more expensive depending on advice. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance....Tanya

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Hello Buff Hamster

Will check these out too but now leaning towards Yokohama A Drive at $115 per tyre.

Arrrggghhh too much choice....more research needed!

Thanks for the advice....Tanya.

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Thank you for your advice. Checked on the Turanzas -$119 each but rep appears to think there are none in WA (!). I live in a remote area and have only got next Monday/Tuesday to get this organised so I can't order any. Rep also suggested the Bridgestone Ecopia is a better choice as the Turanzas are becoming obsolete -not sure on that one. Currently waiting on prices regarding the C Drives as well.

Thanks again...you have been a great help!

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Yokohamas have suited me very well in the past. The A drive is fitted standard to the work corolla and performs very well for daily driving. My understanding is that the c.drives would perform better, particularly in the wet.

For the MR2 - S.drives have impressed me very much after trying similar priced bridgestone and dunlop tyres

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An update....Turanza GR90's not available in WA (Geraldton) and now obselete. Couldn't get the Michelin XM2's in time (supposed to be in on the day). The C drive Yokohamas didn't come in the right size for the Echo so I ended up by default with the Yokohama A drives ($109 each).

They feel...odd. The car now seems to pull to the left - perhaps time for an alignment. When changing direction at speed, it feels like the the rear of the car is "slow" in following the front of the car. As I said...odd. Wouldn't say I feel comfortable with them yet-hopefully that will change!

Thanks again everyone for the advice!

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