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2012 Corolla Full Model Change leaked

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At least for Japan. Found these photos of the updated Corolla Axio/ Fielder in another forum, rumored to be released in May this year. In other words, looks like the larger worldwide/ export version wouldn't be far away from launch.




Current model;

Axio (Sedan)

Fielder (Wagon)

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2012 Axio (Sedan) & Fielder (Wagon) just released! I guess we can expect the new Auris soon (The current Auris/ Corolla hatch was launched two months after the sedan & wagon.). Note that the export version of the sedan will be different from the JDM car you see below (Export markets aren't bound by Japanese regulations based on vehicle dimensions).





-Automatic High Beam (Standard on 1.5 LUXEL 2WD/4WD, 1.8 S "AEROTOURER" 2WD, & 1.8S 2WD/4WD. Factory option on 1.5G 2WD/4WD, Fielder 1.5X & 1.5G "AEROTOURER" 2WD)

-Panasonic nanoe ionizer (Excluding 1.3X 2WD & 1.5X 2WD/4WD). I guess Sharp no longer has a contract with Toyota for the ionizer, as the Estima/ Estima Hybrid (Updated couple of days ago) now comes with nanoe, instead of the Plasmacluster ionizer seen in the previous model.

-VSC, TRC standard across the range.

-Side & curtain airbags standard across the range (Excluding X "Business Package")

-Smart Stop Stop/Start Technology (1.5 2WD models only.)

-Lightweight resin tailgate on Fielder (I wonder if the new Auris will also get this.).

Press Release (Japanese): http://www2.toyota.c...5/nt12_025.html

Corolla Axio:http://toyota.jp/cor...axio/index.html

Corolla Axio Dealer Option Parts:

Corolla Axio Customize Car Lineup: http://toyota.jp/cus...ze/corollaaxio/

Corolla Fielder:http://toyota.jp/cor...lder/index.html

Corolla Fielder Dealer Option Parts:http://toyota.jp/cor.../dop/index.html

Corolla Fielder Customize Car Lineup: http://toyota.jp/cus...corollafielder/

Article on Car Watch (Japanese.). Contains a lot of photos. http://car.watch.imp...511_531755.html

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I sure hope we get the supercharged 1.6L from that TRD model in south africa when it gets here in either the levin or "sportivo"...it'll make sense right? Roughly the same power as the mazda sp25 but less than the camry...

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the fielder reminds me of the caldina... and if they bring a supercharged one to australia... i'm most definately getting one...

i looked VERY VERY hard but didnt find the supercharger LAWL................ -_-

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i looked VERY VERY hard but didnt find the supercharger LAWL................ -_-

I wonder about that too. Nowhere in the Japanese reports I've read made any mention about a supercharger. Must be an electronic translation error lol.

Anyway, some official news on the Auris/ Corolla hatch, that bodystyle will make its Australian debut in October at the Sydney Motorshow.

Source: http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/248E82826E549154CA257A070004719F

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Now it's the Auris/ hatchback turn. Leaked out of a dealer training manual/ brochure.







And finally, a photo of the base model.


Seven grades (Still not 100% confirmed.):

RS 'S Package'


180G 'S package'


150XS 'Package'


150X 'C Package'

Toyota Modellista Accessories http://gazoo.com/sp/g-blog/CIVER/585121/Article.aspx

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I dont think we will get a CVT...the cvt is already in the JDM corolla hatch in the current gen but we still get the 4 speed. Not to mention the torsion beam whilst other markets get the independant rear suspension. I read somewhere that people in charge of toyota here are not too happy of the drivability or something with a CVT. Hence no CVT in our Yaris despite it being in the japanese one. I sure hope we do get something other than the 2ZR-FE or even the 2ZR-FAE...it feels like that the market has moved on a little. A 3ZR-FAE would be sweet for the Levin though...or the supercharged 1.6 in the TRD model in South Africa but i'm hoping for too much i think...

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Is it just me or does the new hyundai i30 jump the gun on the Auris rear?

um i dunno how to upload an image...but you'll know what i'm talking about when you see a picture of the two side by side...

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So I'm guessing there's no chance this one's gonna make it to our shores, huh?

I'd definitely consider getting it.

I hope this isn't true, it looks like the ***** child of a Subaru and a Mazda.

Pretty sad that the best looking car in the Subaru range was designed by Toyota.

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