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ZRE152R Dash Lights and Radio cutting out

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My wife was driving home last night and noticed the dash lights and radio was cutting in and out. It was rpetty late when she got home (I was in bed) so I didn;t get a chance to check anything out.

My plan is to check fuses to see if one is not sitting correctly, and check to ensure there are no shorts around the battery.

Google says maybe the tail lights are also cutting out, so I should check their fuse too.

Is there anything else I can check / known issues?


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I have had the same thing happen to me.

The dash lights and taillights sit on the same circuit so if one cuts off, then theyll all cut off.

It is most likely the stalk that controls all the lights. I purchased one from Toyota for my foglights and it screwed up after a few months. I put my old switch back in and everything was fine again.

This has happened to a few zre152 owners.

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Thanks for the pointer. I had a chance to look at it last night. I suspect it is indeed the stalk, as when I first turned it on no lights, flicked it off and on a couple of times and it started working. Flicking it off and an a few more times it randomly would work, othertimes it would not.

Looks like a trip to Toyota is in order.

Is there a how-to available for replacing it?

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This has happened to me.... Except my headlights and every other electrical component was cutting in and out also, and my engine would stall...

Toyota replaced the entire electrics in my car to rectify the problem....

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