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1999 TCR10 Tarago running rough, loss of power and rattle/knock all of a sudden. PLEASE HELP


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Hi, Just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions as to why all of a sudden our tarago is running rough and hesitent to idle and when you rev it, it sounds like its pinging. Was running fine lastnight and this morning its doing this. Any advice or pointers as to what it may or may not be would be greatly appreciated. It has done 340,000kms and Im not sure if or when the timing belt was done, If it had done a timing belt im guessing it wouldn't start at all. Could it do this if the timing belt is on its way out?

Regards Shawn

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On a second inspection its kind of a rattle/knock but only does it when reving it. Car was only drove about 300mtrs to drop kids off at school as it was pouring rain, ran fine on the way there then on way home (300mtrs) it lost all power, started running like crap and making this noise. Car had only just had a service on both engine and gearbox (ive serviced engine every 10,000kms for the last 50,000kms since we have owned it. Its got me stuffed and with 7 children I need to try get this sorted out asap.......Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, No havn't replaced the fuel filter as yet. Could that make it ping? Shouldn't be a bad batch of fuel as we filled up and for the first half of the tank it run fine. More I look at it more im leaning towards it being a really bad ping as I can rev it REALLY slowly and no noise, the moment I put foot down faster it pings really bad. If a knock sensor controls the timing could a faulty one cause it to advance timing to far and cause it to ping? or would it not work at all and retard the timing rather than advance it?

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i would say it might ecu related, try self diagnose lift your passenger side seat you will see small rectangular cap near ecu open it and connect te1 and e1 with small wire or equivalent ,turn key on ,no start then read code on dashboard,check engine will flash,normal reading should flash 1/2 second continously, if theres a fault the flash will be 1 second flash,example code 12 will be 1 second flash followed by 1/2 sec flash then 1 sec then 1sec flash,let me know what code number .

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This is wat i do, let start from the easy way first then we go to the hard way if problem still there.

Check any miss fire on the spark plug lead, have u been clean/wash ur engine lately? it might cause the moiture build up in the spark plug champer tat can cause miss fire. Replace the spark plug if needed,

Changing from 91 octane to 98 octane fuel can cause engine pinging when accelarate as well, if u did then u need engine tuneup to reset into high octane type.

Replace fuel filter, check air intake filter. check alternator charging rate, it should b 14v when engine running and 12v when engine off.

It should b fix after u do all this check, if problem still occur then i suggest u bring to ur local toyota dealer for u to check for u. Personaly i only take this option last, when i out of idea n have no choice to bring my car to the dealer. Why? they cost too much, the technician there just standard, they all follow the book and guessing most of the time, tell u to change this n tat end up u pay big money just only one little problem. Good luck n keep update see how it go.


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