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[VIC] Upcoming Trackdays


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Ladies and gentlecars, I am signed up and paid for! I am from the east side, Doncaster so it will take me about and hour to get to you guys so ill be leaving around 4am!

Just let me know where to meet! Sweet ^_^

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As it stands:

1 - Andy - Toyota Corolla AE94 (1:48)

2 - Kenshin X - Toyota Corolla Sportivo (1:46-53)

3 - James - Nissan Skyline V35 350GT Coupe(??)

4 - Tim - Honda Civic EP3R (1:47)

5 - Dennis - Honda S2000 AP1 (1:50)

6 - 4ABHGE - Toyota Corolla AE82 (1:44)

7 - Jeffbro - Toyota Camry (2:00+)

8 - Johnson - Toyota Corolla ZRE (2:00)

9 - Tony - Honda Civic FD2 (1:55)

10 - Phil - Honda Civic EG (1:55)

11 - maca_10 - Toyota Corolla Sportvo (??)

12 - Miki - Suzuki Swift (??)

13 - Andrew - Lexus GS 300 (??)

Random much? haha

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for the lulz. man i oversteered at the sweeper at sunshine on ramp towards the city... and again at the albion station sweeper... and again on the on ramp from tulla to western ring. all left turns... should take it easy more on those corners -_-

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