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2002 Tarago Engine Woes


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We have a 2002 ACR 30 Tarago that is giving us all kinds of grief. Firstly my wife came home and said the car was running a bit rough, took it for a spin and it felt like it was only running on 3 cylinders. Next morning I start the Tarago and everything seems fine so I drive to work which is just over 2klm away. This went on for few days with no further problems until one day I'm on the way home and it happens again, the car idles roughly and seems to have a lack of power.

This has gone on for a few weeks and seems to be spasmodic, sometimes I start the engine and it's fine whilst other times it begins to idle roughly after the engine warms up.

Now the oil light is coming on once the engine warms up too, so another problem has crept in.

Anyone had similar issues?

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could be something as simple as a sparkplug or sparkplug lead, could be a coilpak, mass airflow sensor in aircleaner dirty or damaged, culd be sensors in catalic convertor, im not ceing sarcastic but if your not sure take it to a dealer and get codes read to track down the issue and component fault

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